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RE: Rodgers tests positive

noodles wrote:

Isn't Dimethylamylamine HCl just an antihistamine you might find in allergy medication?

It is a synthetically produced drug that was originally produced as a nasal decongestant (many decongestants are stimulants). Not an antihistamine (even though some antihistamines have a secondary effect to reduce mucous production).
I don't think it is available in your run of the mill OTC cold drugs....I don't see it in CVS for example. It is sold under several names as a "dietary supplement", though.

The important point here, is that WADA added it to their banned list in 2010. If you take it and test positive, you get suspended. End of story. Just like LaShawn Merritt took something relatively innocuous - but it was banned, and he got suspended.

Athletes must PAY ATTENTION to what they put into their bodies.
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