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the used to be cancer guy
Here's to breaking 20 for 5k ( la EddyLee)
I'm around pretty regularly, and, some folks know what I've been through (a lot, ask if you don't). So, in the spirit of sharing my story, I'll record my efforts to get back to being a sub-20 5k guy as Eddylee did with his 4 flat 1500m...only mine will be much less ambitious in the grand scheme of things. I hope to keep a running tally of training, if you can call it that, for posterity.

If I had been able to read something where someone had gone through what I had beforehand and know there really is hope on the other side, it may have cut down on a LOT of nonsense (my handle gives a hint) I've gone through over the past almost two years. Feel free to ask whatever. I won't pretend to not believe in God as I write about that stuff at times, so, if you aren't into that, please be kind and don't troll too hard. : ) No, I won't constantly go on about it, but, I am wired that way, so, it comes out at points. I'll try not to come across as an intolerant jerk when I have a strong opinions. Maybe some of you here can help me learn how to be real with their beliefs but not overbearing.

Brojos/mods, if you don't want a thread like this out there, please just nuke it right away so I don't get 6 months into this and have it disappear. That would be a bummer. So, maybe this can be the "comeback kid" kind of thread...except, with a real person you can talk to.



1/31/2012: 2 miles - 36:48 (avg HR 152bpm)

Georgeous weather (60 with a strong southerly breeze). My leg (which was broken in half last October) didn't really bother me at all. I think if I get into mileage one day I will have to be cautious. My lungs are weak, and, I can tell my blood volume is low. Has been for a long time. Legs are powerless. No bounce. 18 minute miles HURTS. My hope is that, in 1-2 months, if I get milder chemo, I can get it down to the 10-12 minute range for paces.
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