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thats awesome
RE: The McDonalds Dollar-Menu Challange
A lot of people probably say they can do it, but it's deceivingly hard I bet. If you break it down, you can see why. Obviously you use the drink as an aid to help you wash things down, so it's not really an item. The side salad shouldn't take much space, but it probably is a time killer. So you are really looking at 7 items. I would allow 3 minutes for the 2 sandwhiches. 45 seconds for the fries. The parfait and sundae are both not very big as I recall, and should go down easy. Maybe a 1:15 for the 2. The 2 apple pies are probably the toughest after the sandwhiches, I would give 2 minutes the 2. I think you have to give a minute for the salad, maybe less if you use your hands. That leaves you with a minute to take drinks and a few beathers. Have fun.
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