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RE: She was once a runner
After four years of watching stuff like is described in this blog on the women's team at my school and knowing some of those women pretty well, I think it is fairly safe to conclude those girls are crazy. Don't get me wrong, the girls at my school were great girls, but when it came to food it was like they were a different person and they lost all ability to logically think, especially when you grouped them together as was almost always the case in cross/track, they lived together, trained together, ate together, and all their crazy got mixed together and their irrational thinking just pulled up and compounded together. I am pretty sure (after talking with most of them pretty in depth about it over a period of four years) most of the time it really had nothing to do with wanting to run faster but EVERYTHING TO DO WITH 1) WANTING ATTENTION and 2) COMPETING WITH OTHER GIRLS ON THE TEAM AT WHO COULD "EAT THE BEST". It was asinine. What is interesting is now 7 years later I am still pretty close to 3 of them and none of them no longer have the problems with eating (or not) now that they do not live together, even though they are still fairly competitive runners.

So to sum it up, in all seriousness, 1) girls can be "a little" illogical at times, especially when you put them around each other 24/7 and especially when it comes to food and guys. 2) I'd say 60% of the time when it comes to girl runners eating disorders have nothing to do with running but are just a way to get attention and 3) 30% of those not doing it for attention are not doing it for running either, they are doing it to "beat" their roommate because even though they are "BFF" secretly they don't like each other (and again this is mainly because they live together which I believe takes any normal girl and makes her a bit crazy).
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