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RE: She was once a runner
Yeah, no offense, but at the more I go back in the posts, the more of a bitch the author sounds like.

"The gun shot off. Jennifer charged to the front with Sandra on her heels. I stayed further back in the pack. One hundred meters into the race and I already felt drained and dehydrated. Karen*, our teams co-captain, stayed by my side, wheezing the entire time. I hated running next to her because she breathed loudly and heavily, and thats not a good sound to hear when youre trying to convince yourself youre not tired.

Karen and I did not communicate or work together throughout the 3.1 miles. I followed the curve around the baseball field and felt Karen elbow her way onto the inside of me so she could cut the tangent off, along with my stride. I was getting knocked around by my captain in an event that no longer felt like a race, but merely target practice amongst teammates. I watched dejectedly as she kicked it in, ahead of me.

At the finish chute, she had the nerve to offer me a handshake. Good race, she cheered.

Yeah, right, I heard myself saying ,sarcastically. You cut me off, and you cut off some of the course. Nice move!

I dont know what youre talking about. I was so out of it. You really made me work!

I rolled my eyes at her backhanded compliment and walked away before I could say anything worse."

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