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RE: She was once a runner
This is nothing like my experience in college. I was wondering if it was all fictionalized, but apparently it rings true to some of you.

The only thing that seemed reasonable to me were the parents. If they're told their daughter needs to run fast and lose 10 pounds to keep her $40k/yr scholarship, I could see why they might pressure her to do so.

As far as eating disorders are concerned, I agree it's better to talk to the person. Talking to the coach makes it sound like she's trying to take her teammate down a peg. I also don't understand why she would try to change rooms -- the first thing I would do is yell at the roommate for leaving the bathroom a mess!

And finally, as far as rich kids partying -- at first I was pissed off about this myself when I got to college, but I basically realized that these people are helping me get good grades -- someone needs to be at the bottom of the curve. Their partying doesn't hurt me, so why should I care?
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