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RE: She was once a runner

girl runner wrote:

For example, when she finds out her roommate has bulemia (and seriously, that is the longest most obvious buildup ever for something we all know by like the second post) she doesn't offer to help her, or talk to her, or offer any support- she just decides to tell the coach and move out and gets all offended when the coach suggests maybe there's some jealousy at work.

The coach is obviously a jerk. Apparently you agree with him and think bulemia is okay.

It sounds to me that her roommate was not very friendly, so I see no reason why she would have tried to talk with her.

I would have definitely moved out, and would not have talked with the coach, because of his already established abusive attitude. Her Mom had the best advice, to drop out of the program and move home. The runner probably didn't want to give up on the program and the coach, but that is the best thing that she could have done.
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