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THe problem with that blog is I feel like the writer is the reason why so many women's experiences in college suck. She wants to expose what's wrong with the system, but she also seems so jealous and bitter and mean about her teammates that she reminds me of the girls that were total poison to run with. I ran with so many wonderful, positive women that I have lifelong friendships with, but there were also girls like her who were more invested in being nasty, envious and entitled, and gossiping about their teammates rather than running. For example, when she finds out her roommate has bulemia (and seriously, that is the longest most obvious buildup ever for something we all know by like the second post) she doesn't offer to help her, or talk to her, or offer any support- she just decides to tell the coach and move out and gets all offended when the coach suggests maybe there's some jealousy at work. Or when she's running pre-nats and instead of focusing on her own warmup and race she seems to spend her time looking at how skinny other runners are and then wonders why she doesn't run well. Nothing in what she writes makes her seem like a positive or supportive teammate or someone who adds anything to the running experience - everything is someone else's fault, every girl who runs well has an ed, she seems to feel entitled to performances without putting in the work or mental effort and then blames others when she doesn't run well, etc. She just seems so whiny and bitter that any of the good points she is making about serious problems with the system get lost in my total dislike for her as a person.
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