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malmo wrote:

[quote]You are a know it all wrote:

Remember the splits she threw down at that old OTC marathon? Some of them would have made Radcliffe blush.

Also the 222 she ran at BAA in 83 was then recognized as the WR taking down Grete's best.

That said, Malmo what year was it that the IAAF made sure BAA could not be ratified for WR purposes? Thx.

I know it's not strictly IAAF related, but Tom Derderian talks about Boston being ratified for US record purposes in his history of the Boston Marathon book. In the discussion of the 1990 race he says that TAC adopted a rule (one that looks exactly like the current IAAF one) in 1989. Now whether they were leading the way of following IAAF's lead he doesn't say.

But I seem to recall that IAAF did not even concern itself with road records until sometime in the last couple of decades. Is that just in my head?
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