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RE: Boston analysis
I don't understand why people debate on something that no one have a true answer.

The matter of fact is, there are tail wind, period. How much it affect the runners, especially the top 5 runners, who knows.

Comparing the time between Boston and Berlin, or other "flat" fast marathon is plain stupid. Boston has no rabbits, but these "flat", "legitimate" course has. How much does rabbit worth? 1 min? 2 min? 3 min?

How about attitude of the marathon course? How about the temperature? How about the road condition? How about the number of tall buildings along the course? How about the humidity? One can easily find 10+ variables that can affect the time materially.

Ryan Hall probably is the best rabbit in the history of marathon. Without Hall's steady pace throughout the first 15-17 miles, 2.03 would be impossible. Berlin should consider hire him to help Haile to break marathon record this fall.

If wind indeed help so much (3-4 mins), runners whoare known for aggressive running like Alistair Cragg would have up there with the leaders. But with the pace that Ryan was running, Cragg was already in the second group almost from the beginning. If 1.01.45 first half = 1.03 first half as someone might suggest, you think Alistair would be that far back at the beginning?

To me, this just show that there are a handful of top runners who are capable of running 2.03 right now, with perfect conditions. So I agree with Renato's assessment. Focusing on one factor (wind) is simply ignorant.
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