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RE: Boston analysis

You are a know it all wrote:

Remember the splits she threw down at that old OTC marathon? Some of them would have made Radcliffe blush.

Also the 222 she ran at BAA in 83 was then recognized as the WR taking down Grete's best.

That said, Malmo what year was it that the IAAF made sure BAA could not be ratified for WR purposes? Thx.

I don't know what splits you are talking about? Joan ran 2:26 at the OTC Marathon. Incidentally I was just looking at the article on that race because I surprised me that both Benji and Rodolfo Gomez ran the OTC only a month before New York. When I find the artcle I'll report back what it says.

Who knows, some kind soul shipped me a 70# box full of running magazines and it's waiting at the post office for me. Maybe there will be some goodies in there?

I don't recall the IAAF ever accepting point to point or downhill races at records.

If they had then they missed Terry Cottons 59:41 way back in the 80s.
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