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Someone may have mentioned it to you already, but you're missing a major entry: Deadwood Trail Marathon in Deadwood, SD, June 6, 2010.

At this race, the race director, Jerry Dunn, DQd him for not running the whole course. Starting dead last (you can find him in a number of the start photos if you page through them long enough), he finished a gun time of 2:57:10 (3rd or 4th overall, if I recall correctly) and would have theoretically had to pass a huge number of runners along a 6-ft path. None of the other runners remembered seeing him, so the race director DQd him. I know because I spoke with the race director last July.

Keep up the great work! I appreciate that most of the people who post, though angry, are trying as hard as they can to be objective and not to get distracted by unrelated subjects, like his dental practice and other things.
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