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Study of K.Litton Running wrote:

Thing about the Kipper the Skipper collage photo....

are you suggesting he went from Black long sleeve shirt w/ black hat @30K to blue raincoat w/ blue hat (@around BOston College portion of Boston marathon -> 22miles) to short sleeve and spandex shorts close to the finish??? (marathonfoto.com)?

could the blue raincoat guy be too far back???... the real Kip probably crossed the Boston Marathon finishline way before blue raincoat even made it to Boston College @ about mile22, but I could be wrong. what do you think?

Photo of Blue Coat guy is from Jim Rhoades' 1 mile gallery.

He's awfully close but the discrepancies I see are:

1) Ring - haven't seen a ring in any other photos but easy to remove.
2) Cap - easily swapped.
3) Shorts - not so easily swapped.
4) Shoes - haven't seen those shoes in any other pics yet.
5) Ears look a bit bigger.
6) Compression socks / calf sleeves - not so easily swapped.
7) Sunglasses - easily swapped.

So it would be:

1) Start as blue coat way back in pack.
2) Remove ring, add calf sleeves - pants - long sleeve shirt, swap caps, shoes, sunglasses.
3) Remove long sleeve shirt - pants, swap caps.
4) Jump in for a Hollywood finish.

Can't rule out the evil twin I suppose.
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