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In addition to KL, there are 4 runners who have claimed their participation to the West Wyoming Marathon on athlinks. I checked the date of creation of their profiles:

joel hernandez Since 10/15/2010
joseph smith Since 10/14/2010
sue johnson Since 10/9/2010
donna dixon Since 10/15/2010

Sue johnson and donna dixon aren't on the list anymore, strange.

Another interesting thing to note, joel hernandez has two other races claimed, both in may 2007:

Brentwood Run 2007 5/27/07 Brentwood, CA / Time-1:22:51 / Pace-13:20 per mile / Age-39
2Nd Annual Run The Block Of Orange 5K 5/5/07 Orange, CA / Time-50:31 / Pace-16:15 per mile/ Age-39

Notice that in 2007 he was running VERY slow and is listed at age 39, yet in 2010 (at the possibly fictitious WWM) he runs 7:18 pace for a marathon and is listed at age 40. Funny how he only aged 1 year from 2007 to 2010 and went from a 50min 5k to a 3:11 marathon in that time. Looks to me like whoever made the "joel hernandez" profile just claimed a few older races so that the WWM wouldn't be his only one.
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