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RE: Rojo says he might start a Kip Litton thread but only 1 and only 1 thread
ALso, please take a look at this video at PF CHang Rock n Roll Arizona. I found this video from one of the race photographers website where a finisher can purchase a video of his/her FINISH - some road races do this now.

This was at Rock n Roll Arizona.
dont get me wrong - This MAY BE A LEGIT PERFORMANCE FROM KIP. but (to me) (just my opinion) it still looks a bit fishy because a lot of times I've looked him up for his finishing pics and he's nearly walking at the end of a number of races....this one he's walking before the end of the race. he's probably not so concerned that the clock is still ticking and he's about to come across in a 2:51:21 NET time (6:32pace)....

Also, I looked up his pics at 2009 Bay SHore Marathon ( MA) which he negative split by a lot (did the 1st half in 1:30(6:53pace) and the 2nd half of BayShore in 1:22:45(6:11pace). Now BayShore is a fast course but that raises some questions in my mind as to why someone would race like that. At The finishing pics at Bayshore he looks like he's in fairly good shape and flying in at a low 6ish pace.but again I just question the negative split and as to why someone would do that, not to mention the typical delayed start
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