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Lip Kitton
RE: Rojo says he might start a Kip Litton thread but only 1 and only 1 thread

Who Cares? wrote:

Look, I hate cheaters as much as the next guy. My point was that every third post on this site was a one-liner about Kip that inevitably got deleted. But I do hate the fact that people can make whatever accusation they like on these posts without any recourse. When you lose accountability, civility will quickly follow. If he is guilty, he should pay the price. I would prefer some evidence for those of us that don't know the details of this issue.

You must be new around here or a little slow. The first KL thread from several months back spelled out the overwhelming evidence so well that even the other Kip supporters had to concede their arguments.

In the latest thread, you have to admit it was amusing to see pictures of Kip walking with his bib covered during a 17 minute 5K effort. I'd like to hear how you processed that.

If the JoBro's are going to initiate a Kip Litton thread, I hope they reinstate the original, which included many accounts from multiple races.

Oh, by the way, these accusations of cowardly anonymous attacks sound quite serious. I've looked in some Internet phone directories and am unable to find a Mr. Who Cares anywhere. Is this really your name?
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