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young vigorous has some points
RE: To all Masters Runners desperately hanging on to the dream...Good luck at your Turkey Trots!!
Great initial post - legitimately funny.

But as a 50 year old guy there is no way I am warming up for 40 minutes to run a rickety 5K or 8k in cold weather. Think 10/15 minutes, max. And that's after a hurrying from the race table, because I sure as heck didn't register in advance. And I don't creak - what I lack is weighing 128 pounds like I used to. And since I never stretched when I was a competitive runner I sure as heck don't now.

What really stinks is that going out in 5:30/40 for the first mile has the same kind of on the edge feel as as going out in 4:25 did in my 20's. How crappy this feels right now I can't begin to tell you. This of course is the best argument just staying in shape in your 50's and avoiding races. Enjoy your youth.
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