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RE: Sports Hernia Update
Den is right.....Lots of dysfunctions will develop the onlger you do not get this fixed........5 years for me threw my pelvis way out of whack which caused more pain in the hips, back and shoulders........I thought the Surgery would take care of this in time and it still may but at 9 weeks out I sought out the help of a Chiropractor/Kineseologist ....sure enough my pelvis was still way out of whack and very tourqed to one side....I have had tremendous results with just 2 weeks of treatment and now the pelvis seems to be holding her adjustments and kinseo work she does........noticed a lot less pains in the back and glutes.........I will continue to go until Im sure it will hold.............Now Im jsut dealing with the recent scar tissue breaking apart which left one side of my groin and pubic area very sore and swollen...always a battle

anyways my point is if you have had this injury long surgery alone may not be enough to balance out your pelvis you may need help t get you out of the woods
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