What People Are Talking About on LetsRun

1. Nike ceo resignation.
2. Canadian sub-elite (David Freake) busted for EPO and other stuff
3. Wore vapor flys for 5k today and pred by 1 minute.
4. So what the hell is supposed to happen at the men's marathon trials? 1 spot locked and 2 up for grabs? (Rupp not the lock)
5. Pittsburgh Steeler Anthony Chickillo Arrested after Allegedly Assaulting Canadian Pole Vaulter GF Alysha Newman
6. Do you consider this the proper way to do a tempo workout?
7. 2 Questions on Mark Parker: How good a runner was he? +Anyone else think his wording on doping experiments was really weird?
8. Centerville OH runs jv at district, fails to advance
9. I NEED to make 200K within 2 years - how?
10. Evelyn Parts is the fastest "girl"in Maryland at the moment. Last year he ran with the boys. Will she dominate Footloc