We're making February Marathon Month on LetsRun.com. HOKA ONE ONE has partnered with us to bring to life the stories of their 17 athletes competing at the Trials in Atlanta. From the dreamers, to the contenders, to the debutantes, to the mountain men and women, we'll bring their stories to life and at the same time help get you pumped up for the Trials.
"I'd like to think I'm around 2:10 shape right now...I feel like I've legitimately put in the training and the work to contend up front. I feel pretty confident with that," said Walmsley.
While talking about the 2020 Trials, Rosario, who will be coaching 3 of the top 11 seeds in both races in Atlanta, also talks about shoe technology, Jim Walmsley, Galen Rupp's new coach and much more.
Joe Rubio talks about the HOKA ONE ONE Aggies and the athletes running the Olympic Trials.

Aliphine Tuliamuk Hoping to Cap her American Dream with a Spot on US Olympic Team

Aliphine Tuliamuk represents the American dream. Can she cap it with a spot on the US Olympic team?

HOKA Trials Athlete of the Day: Sid Vaughn: From Unsigned Out of College to HOKA NAZ Elite Pro Dreaming of Tokyo

Sid Vaughn may not have run 2:09 and 2:11 like his two training partners, Scott Fauble and Scott Smith, but he's aiming big for his first marathon as part of HOKA NAZ Elite.

Stephanie Bruce: From Beating Boys in Grade School, to Partying in High School, to First National Title at 34, to the Olympics?

Stephanie Bruce has nearly done it all in the sport. But two big things remain. Conquering the marathon and making an Olympic team.

HOKA Trials Athlete of the Day: Scott Smith: Can He Get Top 3 Like His Dog at the Dog World Championships?

Scott Smith is dreaming of the Olympics.

Rajpaul Pannu - From Being an Overweight Highschooler to the Olympic Marathon Trials - HOKA Trials Athlete of the Day #10

Rajpaul Pannu started running to lose weight in high school. Now he'll be toeing the line at the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials in Atlanta. Read his cool story.

Tyler Andrews - The Male Trials Runner Who Didn't Break 18 Minutes in High School Who Now Trains with Kenyans in Ecuador

Tyler Andrews has a true where your dreams become reality story as he didn't break 18 minutes for 5k in high school and now is training with Kenyans in Ecuador and running the Olympic Marathon Trails and winning US championships.

HOKA Trials Athlete of the Day #8 Jim Walmsley Looking for Advice Before His First Marathon

Jim Walmsley is an ultrastar but he's never run the marathon until now.

HOKA Trials Runner of the Day #7: Brandon Johnson: From Sports Illustrated Steeplechase Fall to the Marathon Trials

This HOKA field rep recruited by Pete Julian in college first made national news by face planting in a steeple pit, but has been climbing up the distance ranks since.

HOKA ONE ONE Trials Athlete of the Day: Cancer Rearcher Liza Reichert

Who says you can't be an Olympic Marathon Trails qualifier and have a very important job? Meet Liza Reichert.

Hoka Trials Runner of the Day: Texan and US Mountain Team Member David Fuentes

Meet the two-time Trials qualifier who has never broken 2:20 in a marathon. Will the hills of Atlanta result in a big breakthrough for this US Mountain team member? Not only does he work a full-time job, he also has a cool side hustle.

Be Inspired By Swarnjit Boyal's Incredible US Olympic Trials Story

Learn how Boyal has progressed from being cut twice in college, to being a walkon, to a conference champion, and now a US Olympic Trials qualifier. Read his incredible story.

Meet Addi Zerrenner, The Trials Qualifier Who Taped a Picture of Shalane Flanagan on Her Wall in High School

During her 1st week of HS track practice, Zerrener was told she "ran like Shalane Flanagan" and she's been hooked ever since. After a college career that saw her finish top 10 at Pac 12 xc twice, she's quickly moved up to the marathon.

Former US Marathon Champ Sergio Reyes Ready to Excel at Possibly His Final Trials at Age 38

The flight test safety engineer has been running since age 2-3. Now 38, the Hoka Aggie is still running up to 140 mpw as he's getting ready for his 4th Olympic Trials.

HOKA ONE ONE Trials Athlete of the Day: 2007 Foot Locker Champ Ashley Brasovan

The former high school star is our first HOKA ONE ONE Trials Athlete of the Day. After being told by doctors she would never "run again, let alone compete, after being diagnosed with osteoporosis and having 4 femoral stress fractures" she's become a professional trail runner and 2x Olympic Marathon trials qualifier just a few years later. (Sponsored).
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February 1, 2020 to February 29, 2020

Get inspired by the HOKA ONE ONE team Taking on the Trials

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