2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials

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Atlanta, GA
February 29, 2020
Amy Cragg and Shalane Flanagan looked to be out on a training run until the heat started to take its toll on Flanagan. Cragg cruised to the victory, Desi Linden ran like a pro to take second, and Shalane Flanagan held on ahead of Kara Goucher for third.
Rupp (2:11:12), Keflezighi (2:12:20) and Ward (2:13:00) is your team to Rio as Luke Puskedra (2:14:12) and Tyler Pennel (2:14:57) just miss out.
A little love was lost between Meb and Galen during the race. We try and explain what happened.

Course Adjustments Announced For The 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials

Rather than the planned 6-mile loop (which the athletes were essentially running six times), there will now be an 8-mile loop which they will run three times. This change "will decrease the number of turns and reduce the overall elevation gain on the course." Apparently the changes were made in part because the field (mostly the women's) is much larger than expected. *LRC Archive: LetsRun.com Previews The 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials Course — Where Cross Country Meets The Marathon

FANTASTIC NEWS: US Olympic Marathon Trials Granted Gold Label Status; Top 3 Finishers Will Go to Olympics

On February 29th, the 2020 Olympic year will kick off with huge drama as the first three across the line will be going to the Olympics, just as it should be. Thank you IAAF. Thank you USATF. And thank you LRC nation.

LetsRun.com Previews The 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials Course -- Where Cross Country Meets The Marathon

Just how hard is this course? What are the pros saying? And why should Walking Dead fans be excited? We traveled to Atlanta to give you the scoop.

Here's What We Know About the 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials

The top 3 across the line in the women's race on February 29th will definitely be going to the Olympics. As for the men, that's still TBD.

The Olympic Marathon Trials Are (Still) In Jeopardy -- Here's What USATF & the IAAF Can Do to Fix It

No American marathon is more compelling than the Olympic Marathon Trials. But if USATF and the IAAF don't act, the drama and intrigue of the Trials could be destroyed in 2020. Please take 30 seconds to tweet, post, and share about this issue with the tags @USATF, @iaaforg, @USOC, @nbcsports, and #savethetrials. We couldn't care less if you share this article -- we just want awareness to the issue in general. Write your own article and we'll reshare it.

One Week Later: How Will USATF Select the 2020 Olympic Team? No One Really Seems to Know

We have a little good news to report. Amid confusion, USA Track and Field is refusing to confirm the statement they gave us last week that put US distance fans into a tizzy. And USATF tells us they are appealing to the IAAF to give the top 5 at the US Olympic Marathon Trials the marathon standard.

Rich Kenah of Atlanta Track Club on New Olympic Qualifying: "I hope [they] reconsider the damage this will do to the Olympic movement"

Rich Kenah the head of the Atlant Track Club has spoken about the new qualifying system for the Olympics.

RRW: Amy Cragg And US Marathon Champ Brogan Austin Win Road To Gold 8-Mile Road Race On Atlanta's Marathon Trials Course

Cragg ran 43:23 (5:25 pace) to win the "one-time test event" to win the women's race easily while Austin ran 38:07 (4:46 pace) to beat out Jared Ward (38:17) and Parker Stinson (38:25). Both winners commented on how tough and hilly the course was.

What You Need to Know on the 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials Course -- With Elevation Charts

Want an elevation chart of the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials course? We've got one.

Atlanta Track Club Unveils 2020 US Olympic Trials Marathon Course

The course consists of three 6-mile loops and one 8.2-mile loop and includes 1,000 feet of elevation gain.

History of Prize Money at the Olympic Marathon Trials

Last week it was announced that the 2020 Marathon Trials will be hosted by the Atlanta Track Club in Atlanta, Georgia and that with "B" qualifiers getting their travel paid for, more money will go back to the athletes. The more inclusive approach of this year's Trials inspired us to go back and look at what the past Olympic Marathon Trials did in terms of paying prize money.