2019 adidas Boost Boston Games

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Boston, MA
June 16, 2019

After a Stressful Year, Tori Bowie Returns to the 100 in Boston, Plans to Long Jump at USAs & Worlds

On the comeback trail from injury, the 2017 world 100 champ ran her first 100 in more than a year yesterday in Boston.

Noah Lyles False-Starts for the First Time Ever (Kind Of), Marcin Lewandowski Kicks to Victory Again, & Akani Simbine Runs 9.92

Just days after the excelled in Oslo, Marcin Lewandowski and Drew Hunter impressed in Boston this afternoon but Noah Lyles literally stole the show as he fale-started but was not booted from the meet.

Shaunae Miller-Uibo Say She's In the Best Shape of Her Life: "I Just Feel A Whole Lot Stronger This Year."

In other news, Miller-Uibo declined to discuss what happened in the fight with Tori Bowie that led to Bowie's exit from PURE Athletics

Robby Andrews is trying to come back from hell but he's not making any excuses, "There's no real excuse for running 1:54."

Andrews who is coming back from Lyme disease and surgery was horrific earlier this week when he ran 1:54 for 800.

Ajee' Wilson plans to eventually move up to the 1500, perhaps as soon as next year

US 1500 Olympic hopefuls, your nightmare may become reality in 2020.

Noah Lyles on Christian Coleman: "Some people just don't like you. You can't do nothing about it."

The world's fastest 100 meter man also reiterated once again that he has zero plans to run the 100 at USAs and Worlds. Plus he says he's "more excited" to train after losing to Michael Norman in Rome.

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