2016 Berlin Marathon - BMW Berlin Marathon

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Berlin, Germany
September 25, 2016

LRC Debate: After Berlin Who is the Greatest of All-Time - Kenenisa Bekele, Haile Gebrselassie or Mo Farah?

The LRC "brains" may have reached a rare consensus.

Kilometer by Kilometer Splits from the 2016 BMW Berlin Marathon - 2:03:03 Kenenisa Bekele

Kenenisa Bekele After Winning Berlin: "I believe the selectors understand now why I complained at the time at not being selected. I’ve proved what I can do..."

Bekele's manager Jos Hermens on why he thinks Bekele could still be going strong for the 2020 Games: "I see a career as being like a candle which, of course, at some stage goes out. But in recent years Kenenisa’s has not been burning much.”

Some Interesting Statistic From The Berlin Marathon

2016 is now the deepest year for the men's marathon in history as it's a new record for the top 5 performance average (2:03:31) and top 10 (2:04:18).

The King is Back - Kenenisa Bekele Runs 2:03:03 to Defeat Wilson Kipsang in a Race for the Ages at BMW Berlin Marathon

TV Streaming and Live Tracking for 2016 BMW Berlin Marathon

Berlin Press Release: Aberu Kebede has another crack at the 2:20 barrier in Berlin

Berlin Press Release: Keen Anticipation for Duel between Wilson Kipsang and Kenenisa Bekele

2016 BMW Berlin Marathon Women's Preview: Aberu Kebede Looks to Join the Sub-2:20 Club and Hold Off a Young Field

Kebede will look to become the fourth woman to win Berlin three times (she also won in '10 and '12) and the 21st woman under 2:20. Can rising stars Amane Beriso (2:20:48 in Dubai, 5th-fastest debut ever) or Birhane Dibaba (2015 Tokyo champ) take her down?

2016 BMW Berlin Marathon Men's Preview: Legends Kenenisa Bekele & Wilson Kipsang Square Off in a Field Full of Men Searching for Redemption

2016 BMW Berlin Marathon Field Released - Wilson Kipsang and Kenenisa Bekele Will Have Their Hands Full As Field Features 8 Sub 2:06 Men

Who will be racing in Berlin on September 25?

September 25th: Great Field Set For The 2016 Berlin Marathon As Wilson Kipsang, Kenenisa Bekele And Emmanuel Mutai Lead The Way

The top 8 men have ran 2:06 or faster while the women are lead by Ethiopians Aberu Kebede (2:20:30) and Amane Beriso (2:20:48).

Get Psyched For September: Wilson Kipsang And Kenenisa Bekele Will Go Head-To-Head At The 2016 Berlin Marathon

Maybe something positive will come out of the madness that was Ethiopia not selecting Bekele for their Rio marathon squad. *MB: Bekele and Kipsang in Berlin, also Yuki Kawauch

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