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LRC Out of Thin Air Book Review: A Deep Look Into Ethiopian Running Culture Despite producing 42 of the 100 fastest men’s marathoners of all time and distance legends like Kenenisa Bekele and Haile Gebrselassie, few English-speaking writers have truly explored Ethiopian running culture. Michael Crawley changes that with his new book. 5 stars out of 5. Purchase here.

LRC Free Book Excerpt: Why “Idil” Is More Important Than Talent For Amhara Ethiopian Runners We greatly enjoyed Michael Crawley‘s new book on Ethiopian distance running and this free excerpt will show you why. Did you know that most Ethiopians don’t believe in the idea of “talent”? Plus Crawley explains why pursuing a running career isn’t always an option for Ethiopians.

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LRC Keeping Track Of Pros Who Have Switched Sponsors In 2021 A number of pros are no longer being sponsored by Nike. A bunch of them including Sandi Morris and Gesa Krause have signed with Puma.

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Armory Closing For Indoor Season To “Support A Community Initiative” They hosted more than 20 meets using “stringent health protocols” during the start of the indoor season and don’t give a specific reason why they are stopping, but becoming a COVID vaccine center seems a logical possibility.

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2021 USATF Indoor Championships Cancelled Due To Coronavirus USATF says their COVID-19 Working Group was working on a “rigorous set of protocols” that would let them hold the championships, but the restrictions in New Mexico were too severe.

LRC Good News: There Will Be A 2021 Indoor Track Season But It Will Look Much Different Than Normal There will be a 2021 indoor season, but college meets will be more exclusive than ever, and USA Indoors is very much up in the air. Thankfully Paul Doyle has stepped up and created the  four-meet American Track League that will air on ESPN as he doesn’t know of a single college meet that will accept unattached athletes.
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