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LRC The 2020 Awards Are Here: Best Runner, Best Comeback, Biggest Disappointment, Most Inspirational & More 2020 was full of highs and lows – just ask Sara Hall. We hand out awards for a year unlike any other.
*MB: The 2020 Awards Are Out – Best Runner, Best Comeback, Biggest Disappointment, Most Inspirational & More

LRC The Best Track Talk Podcast Episodes of 2020: Jim Ryun, Deena Kastor, the Big 3 Reunited, & More Though 2020 featured fewer races than normal, we had plenty to talk about as we cranked out 68 episodes of the Track Talk Podcast as we landed some incredible guests including an Olympic gold medalist, a Boston Marathon champion, a world record holder, and one of the most popular authors on the planet. A look at eight of our best episodes of 2020.

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NY Times: Sara Hall Turned 2020 Misery Into A Breakthrough After dropping out of the Marathon Trials, Hall went home and replaced the “Olympic Marathon Trials Champion” on her bathroom mirror with the harder goal of “American Marathon record holder.”

LRC Marathon Project Podcast Extravaganza: Winners Sara Hall And Marty Hehir And Scott Fauble Talk To We know you’ll have some extra free time on your hands the next few days so we recorded an epic podcast to keep you sane. Find out what they think they could run for 26.2 miles in year 2015 racing flats and how in the hell they managed their busy family lives while running.

LRC A Runner At The Marathon Project Tested Positive For Covid-19 After The Race Two others were forced to withdraw the week of the race after testing positive pre-race as the event had strict pre-race testing requirements.  *Discuss

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