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LRC Marathon Project Podcast Extravaganza: Winners Sara Hall And Marty Hehir And Scott Fauble Talk To We know you’ll have some extra free time on your hands the next few days so we recorded an epic podcast to keep you sane. Find out what they think they could run for 26.2 miles in year 2015 racing flats and how in the hell they managed their busy family lives while running.

LRC A Runner At The Marathon Project Tested Positive For Covid-19 After The Race Two others were forced to withdraw the week of the race after testing positive pre-race as the event had strict pre-race testing requirements.  *Discuss

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LRC Six Final Thoughts About The Marathon Project: 2:09 Isn’t 2:09 Anymore, Des Linden Says America Needs To Join The 2:19 Party, & More Having had a few days to reflect back on the race, one must conclude the event was a HUGE success. But that doesn’t mean the US marathoning is back. Is Marty Hehir the equivalent of a 13:30 5,000 runner?
*MB: The Marathon Project was a HUGE success, but is Marty Hehir the equivalent of a 13:30 5000 runner?

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LRC Sara Hall Runs 2nd-Fastest Marathon In US History – 2:20:32 – To Win Marathon Project Hall has had a fall marathon campaign for the ages as after finishing second in London just 11 weeks ago, she’s now #2 all-time in the US.  Keira D’Amato‘s amazing 2020 continued as well as she’s now #8 all-time in the US at 2:22:56.

LRC Martin Hehir Wins Marathon Project In 2:08:59 As 7 Americans Break 2:10 Hehir, a father of two and medical student who has spent much of the last few weeks treating Covid-19 patients, is now the 7th-fastest American in history.

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