The 2020 Delhi Half Marathon *Results

LRC World Half Bronze Medalists Rock Delhi Half Marathon With Course Record Wins 21-year-old Ethiopians Yalemzerf Yehualaw (64:46) and Amedework Walelegn (58:52) both picked up $37,000 wins in event record time today at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon as Yehualaw ran the second-fastest record-eligible half in history. Muktar Edris ran great (59:04) in his half debut as 7 men ran 59:26 or faster and six women ran 67:16 or faster.
*MB: Official 2020 Delhi Half Marathon discussion thread

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We Think We’ve Found The Ultimate Covid-19 Running Accomplishment

LRC Last Sunday, American CJ Albertson Ran A 2:09 Marathon On His Treadmill And Added On An Extra Mile For Fun. He Doesn’t Care What You Think About It.  “There’s just something about it that is relaxing but also allows you to push hard. And so I don’t have to think about anything, I just get the physical act of running hard and fast. There’s something really soothing about that to me.”
*MB: CJ Albertson (Brooks) 2:10 treadmill marathon

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Yiannis Kouros’ Legendary 24-Hour Record Just Became A Little More Legendary

LRC Kilian Jornet’s 24-Hour Record Attempt Doesn’t Even Last 11 Hours, Ends With Him Spending The Night In The Hospital The great mountain/trail runner Kilian Jornet ran the first track race of his life on Friday, taking a stab at Yiannis Kouroslegendary 24-hour world record. He ended up in the hospital after less than 11 hours of running.
*MB: Kilian Jornet will try to break the toughest ultra record in the books

Kilian Jornet Reflects After 24-Hour Challenge Ends In Hospital After tests at the hospital, Jornet said the doctors didn’t think it was “anything too serious.”

Archives: LRC GOAT: Yiannis Kouros’ 24-Hour Record Of 303.306 KM (188.68 Miles) From 1997 Is The Greatest Ultramarathon World Record

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LRC The 2021 RAK Half Looks INCREDIBLE: Women’s WR Holders Brigid Kosgei & Ababel Yeshaneh To Battle, World Half Rematch With Jacob Kiplimo Vs. Kibiwott Kandie And Sara Hall Is Entered Mark your calendars; the February 19th race is something athletics fans can get excited about. The marathon WR holder vs. the half marathon WR holder is the women’s headline. For the men, we get a replay of gold vs. silver from World Half. And Sara Hall of the US is making the trip.
*MB: The 2021 RAK HALF Is LOADED. 2 World Record holders, Jakob Kiplimo, Kibiwott Kandie and Sara Hall are racing

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LRC Gobble, Gobble Podcast With Guest Ben Rosario – High School Star Jenna Hutchins, 36-Year-Old Keira D’Amato HOKA NAZ Elite Ben Rosario was our guest to talk his team and the Marathon Project.

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