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LRC Keira D’Amato Is Trying To Break The American 10-Mile Record On Monday. It Could Cost Her Thousands Of Dollars. The 36-year-old D’Amato, who spent over eight years away from the sport and plays in a fantasy football league with Matthew Centrowitz, will be going for the AR in the D.C. area on Monday. But staging an AR attempt on public roads – even in the middle of a pandemic – can be expensive.

Podcast Ken Goe Defends Salazar: “I’ve seen very little persuasive evidence that he was a systematic cheater.” Ken Goe retired as one of the last remaining track and field writers in America at a major newspaper. He looks back at his career and talks about everything Nike-related in running including Alberto Salazar, Galen Rupp, Phil Knight, Mary Cain and Vin Lananna.
*MB: Ken Goe: A Salazar Shill to the End

Manangoi Owns His Mistake

LRC “I Made A Mistake”: Elijah Manangoi Does What Christian Coleman Refuses To Do, Owns Up To Missing 3 Drug Tests Jonathan Gault praises Elijah Manangoi for doing something that fellow stars Christian Coleman and Wilson Kipsang have been unable to do and something that is very rare in the year 2020 – owning up to a massive mistake. Manangoi admitted his suspension for missing 3 drug tests was his own fault. “I would like to urge my fellow athletes both in Kenya and abroad to seriously take care of their own whereabouts to avoid unnecessary sanctions, it seems simple but a slight mistake can be costly at the end. It’s shameful.”
*MB: Jonathan Gault is (rightly) full of praise for Elijah Manangoi – a guy who just got banned for 2 years

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Venues For All Four 2021 European Athletics team Championships Divisions Announced Chorzow, Poland will host the Super League.

Conseslus Kipruto Could Spend The Rest Of His Career In Prison

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The 2020 NCAA Championships Were Supposed To Be Today

LRC What I Miss Most About the NCAA Cross Country Championships The NCAA cross country championships were originally scheduled for this weekend at Oklahoma State. As Jonathan Gault ponders yet another absence from the 2020 sporting calendar, he reflects on what he misses the most about one of his favorite events of the year.
*MB: NCAA xc were supposed to be this weekend. What do you miss most about the meet?

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Will We See 0, 1 Or 2 NCAA Champs This Winter?

LRC Why Are NCAA Indoors And NCAA XC Scheduled For The Same Weekend? And Will They Happen At All? The NCAA XC champs will be held on March 15, just two days after NCAA Indoors. Jonathan Gault spoke to several top NCAA coaches to figure out why the schedule turned out that way – and how they’re adjusting. Many coaches indicated they are likely to blow off one of the championships entirely.
*MB: Several top NCAA xc coaches indicate they are likely to blow off one of the winter champs entirely

Another Legal Challenge From Semenya

Caster Semenya Takes Legal Battle Against World Athletics’ Testosterone Restrictions To European Court Of Human Rights Semenya has already lost two appeals, one to CAS and another to the Switzerland supreme court. It’s unclear from this and other articles whether this case could challenge those rulings legally, but it seems Semenya and her lawyers are trying to put public pressure on WA to change its mind.

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