Rupp's 1st Covid-19 Race Is Coming Soon

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Give Yourself A Treat and Buy This New Book Now

LRC The 10 Craziest Things We Learned From “Win At All Costs,” the New Book About Alberto Salazar & the Nike Oregon Project From Salazar using the LetsRun messageboard to guide his 2011 Boston Marathon coaching to a drunken attempted kiss of Kara Goucher on the plane to the 2011 Worlds to Salazar crediting Chris Solinsky‘s 26:59 to Solinsky being on thyroid med, Matt Hart‘s fantastic new book has some fantastic revelations.
*MB: Matt Hart’s new Nike book is great – Salazar once tried to kiss Kara Goucher and said Solinsky ran 26:59 because of thyroid meds

LRC Book Review: “Win At All Costs” Tells the Definitive Story of the Rise and Fall of the Nike Oregon Project Author Matt Hart, who previously reported on NOP for the New York Times, has drawn upon hundreds of sources for a terrific book. Essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the story of the NOP under Alberto Salazar. Many of the details of the NOP saga were already well-known but Hart did a remarkable job of tying them all together in the definitive narrative. Plus he still breaks some major news with a few revelations as Hart also did plenty of his own reporting for Win At All Costs. 5 stars out of 5.

Depressing As Hell – There Will Be No Spring Marathon Majors

2021 Boston Marathon Is Postponed 6 Months Out Race organizers are looking for a fall 2021 date but don’t have one yet. *BAA Press Release *Boston Globe
*MB: 2021 Boston Marathon Postponed.

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This Week’s Podcast

Bye-Bye, Christian Coleman, Special Guest Matt Hart – Author Of Alberto Salazar/Nike Win-At-All-Costs Book + Leo Manzano Olympic Champ? Christian Coleman is banned again for missing drug tests and this time it doesn’t look good for him. Plus author Matt Hart joins us to talk his book Win at All Costs on the Nike Oregon Project and Alberto Salazar.

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LRC “It’s Been A Giant Relief”: In A Season Of Uncertainty, NCAA Conference Meets Offer Taste Of The Familiar How have 5 NCAA DI conferences including the ACC, Big 12, and SEC defied the odds and gotten ready for some big-time XC action? Find out here and learn what a conference meet looks like in the age of COVID.

LRC Superstar Freshmen Katelyn Tuohy And Marlee Starliper Will Not Race At ACs; NC State; Coach Laurie Henes Optimistic They’ll Be Ready For NCAAs in March “I am hopeful and I believe that both of them will be ready whenever there is an actual NCAA championship,” Henes told
*MB: Katelyn Tuohy Update: Tuohy and Marlee Starliper Will Not Race at ACCs; NC State Coach Optimistic They’ll Be Ready for NCAAs

Previews: *ACC *Big 12 *SEC

Mid-Week Racing In The USA

RRW Morgan Pearson (62:15) and Keira D’Amato (68:57) Win Michigan Pro Half Marathon updated with video and story D’Amato crushed the women’s field where only three women broke 71:00. 9 men broke 63:00.
*Lanni Marchant Fades To 1:14:07 In 1st Elite Race In Years After Torn Labrum She was on 72-minute pace through 10k.

MUT News

Might Bolt Unretire?

LRC With Christian Coleman Banned, Who Is The Men’s 100-Meter Favorite For The 2021 Olympics? Noah LylesAndre De GrasseTrayvon Bromell? … Usain Bolt? We break down the contenders for the biggest prize in track & field and determine Noah Lyles may have benefiitted the most from Coleman’s ban.

The Latest Blade Runner Debate

World Athletics Awards Set For December 5th

Japan’s Keitaro Fujita Clears 2.28m HJ At World Athletics Meet In Osaka

Does This Really Surprise Anyone?

2012 Olympic 1,500m Champion Taoufik Makhloufi Reportedly The Target Of A French Doping Investigation Apparently a bag with documents belonging to Makhloufi was found along with drugs and syringes.
*MB: Taoufik Makhloufi reportedly subject of French doping investigation

LRC It’s Here: The 1:59:40 GOAT Shirt Get the premium shirt that signals and celebrates greatness. Order today.

Compare And Contrast Johua Vs. Mo

Huge News: Christian Coleman Banned For 2 Years

LRC Christian Coleman’s Ban For Missing Three Drug Tests Is Upheld; World’s Fastest Man Will Miss The 2021 Olympics Coleman received no sympathy from a World Athletics Disciplinary Tribunal, which concluded: “… the Athlete’s attitude to his obligations can fairly be described as entirely careless, perhaps even reckless.”
*Q&A: Sean Ingel succinctly explains why Christian Coleman was banned
*MB: Christian Coleman BANNED until May 2022 as AIU Tribunal upholds his ban for 3 missed drug tests

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NCAA News / First Week Of Rankings

You Don’t Stop Running Because You Get Old; You Get Old Because You Stop Running

Former Irish Olympian Tommy Hughes Runs 2:30:02 To Break World M60 Marathon Record He was the overall winner at the Down Royal Marathon in Northern Ireland, taking more than 6 minutes off the previous age group WR.
*Hughes Says He’s Been Running 100-Mile Weeks And Could Have Been Two Minutes Faster If It Hadn’t Been So Windy