Good News Running Fans- Kamworor Will Race Again in 2020

LRCGeoffrey Kamworor Has an Unknown Big Race This Fall. Which One Is It?

Five-time global champ Geoffrey Kamworor won't be running next month's World Half, but his agent Valentijn Trouw says he will race in 2020. What will his "secret" race be? *Discuss

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USADA Nails A Guy And We Celebrate

LRC Drug Cheat Who Won US 15K Title In March Gets Popped (Twice!) For Taking Drugs Yet Again For some reason, even though people like Edward Cheserek and the Stepanovs can’t get citizenship, the US government decided to grant EPO cheat Ridouane Harroufi citizenship. He has rewarded them by showing his “good moral character” by testing positive two more times.
*MB: Unreal: Ridouane Harroufi – the doper whom the US made a citizen – gets popped for doping two more times!!!
*From The Archives: MB: Why wouldn’t testing positive for EPO be an automatic disqualifier for US citizenship? Ridouane Harroufi win US 15k title

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A Story The World Needs To Know – We LOVED The Book On Their Story So Much We Had Them On Our Podcast

Podcast Interview The Stepanovs Share Their Story With Would you risk your life and be willing to re-locate your family halfway across the globe simply because you believed in clean sport? These two heroes did just that.

LRC “The Russian Affair” By David Walsh: The Story Of The Stepanovs, As You’ve Never Heard It Before In his latest book, David Walsh – the Irish reporter who helped bring down Lance Armstrong – tells the story of the Russian doping scandal through the eyes of whistleblowers Yuliya and Vitaly Stepanov, whose relationship was far more complicated than you could imagine. On, February 8, 2013, the couple was supposed to get divorced. Instead, the Stepanovs decided to bring down the Russian doping regime and save their relationship in the process. 5 stars out of 5. Let’s hope this is made into a movie. *Purchase here.
*London Times: “The candour with which they have allowed Walsh to tell their story is rare and gripping.”
*Walsh: “It’s a love story set against the backdrop of a doping thriller.”


Indoor Track Returns

MB: Indoor Track Returns: Alexander Colby Beats Johnny Gregorek At The NYRR Night At The Races At The Armory Colby won the 800m in 1:47.11; Gregorek was second in 1:47.37.

Was Friday The 20th Anniversary Of The Greatest Night In Athletics History?

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Recommended Read World Athletics Writes A Great Feature On Wejo’s Favorite Sprinter Trayvon Bromell He grew up in a rough environment in Florida surrounded by gang violence but his mom who worked from 7 PM – 7 AM and a track coach helped keep him out of too much trouble until he was able to escape to Baylor for college. “For this season, I did what we wanted to which was to come and run fast…I don’t want to say I’m going to run nine-point-something, I just want to keep inspiring people. If I do that, it will be more than I’ve ever dreamed of.”

Dina Asher-Smith Has Largely Stayed Off Twitter In Recent Months And Reminds Online Critics The Same Thing We Tell People At LRC: “Remember that athletes are human too.” For months on end, she has deleted the app on her phone and only re-installs it when she needs to tweet.

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LRC Doha DL Preview: A stacked women’s 3k, Bryce Hoppel takes on the world’s best miler, Conseslus Kipruto debuts and Faith Kipyegon drops down The very strange 2020 track season is almost over as the 2020 DL season concludes Friday in Doha with some FASCINATING distance races. For example, Doha will feature the three best men’s steeplers from 2019, but they are all in the 1500. 1500 stars Faith Kipegon and Timothy Cheruiyot will both run the 800. The women’s 3,000 is totally loaded with five 2019 World medalists, led by Hellen Obiri.

Big Finance-Related News From Nike

LRC John Capriotti – “The Most Powerful Man In Track” – Is Stepping Down At Nike; What Does It Mean For The Sport? Is the departure of the cutthroat Capriotti good or bad for the sport? Some say it’s a great thing as he repeatedly worked with those accused and convicted of doping while others are fearful it might be a sign that Nike is no longer fully committed to track and field. Will his successor continue to support track & field at the same level?
*MB: Nike’s track and field overlord John Capriotti eyes consulting role in post-Nike future

Ken Goe: “Could John Capriotti’s Departure Mean Nike Is Scaling Back Its Support For Track? Not So Fast” Goe outlines some of the reasons it’s pretty obvious Nike isn’t going to be pulling back from track in the near future.

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Ben Blankenship Writes Article For Spikes Ripping UMinn For Cutting Men’s Track Our favorite excerpt: “They say the program costs about a million dollars a year to run and, while that’s an amount I’m not going to scoff at, I don’t understand why it can’t be found for a program that’s been around for 100 years and has supported countless Olympians. The university has an endowment of $3.9 billion, and if that can’t be tapped into this year – during a pandemic – when can it?”


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