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LRC Why Did Michael Norman Run 9.86 — And Then Race Four More Times? A Look at How COVID-19 Is Affecting Elite Track & Field Contracts Did up to 25 Nike track athletes feel compelled to fly across the country to jog in meaningless races during Covid-19 to insure their contracts weren’t reduced? While reduction clauses exist in almost every Nike contract, they are not always enforced. Multiple industry sources said they believe the decisions about whether to reduce athletes at the end of 2020 in an attempt to save money would come from elsewhere within Nike — not the individuals usually charged with handling track & field sponsorships.

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Shoulby Houlihan Speaks To LRC

LRC Shelby Houlihan’s Big Talk With “I do feel like that world record is in reach.” Highlights of Shelby’s Big Talk with the Track Talk Podcast after her 14:23.02 American record run.

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US Distance Action: The Big Friendly 2 *Results *Broadcast

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LRC The Abilene 800 And The Birth Of American Women’s Distance Running 60 years ago today, a group of American women descended upon Abilene, Tex., for the US Olympic Trials to prove their event belonged. This is the story of those women, from the 16-year-old American record holder who had been abused as a child to the 49-year-old Olympic 100m champion. Nearly 7,000 words by Amby Burfoot.

We’ve Brought John Kellogg Out Of Retirement – Our Summer Training Program Is Back

LRC High Schoolers And College Runners- Train Smarter This Summer With The Summer Training Program If you aren’t sure what you should be doing for summer training and want to be your best this fall, sign up for our summer training program. Get a daily training schedule, interact with our team, and be your best this fall.

Bowerman Track Club In The News

LRC Canadian Record Holder Gabriela DeBues-Stafford Joins Bowerman Track Club After a breakout 2019 season, DeBues-Stafford is relocating permanently on this side of the Atlantic and will eventually move to Portland. *MB: Gabriela DeBues-Stafford (3:56/14:44) leaves Laura Muir/Andy Young’s training group for BTC

Another Bowerman Track Club Time Trial

MB: Mo Ahmed (3:34.89) And Karissa Schweizer (4:00.02) Lead The Way In The Latest BTC Time Trial Ahmed won over Marc Scott (3:35.93) and Grant Fisher (3:36.23) while Colleen Quigley was second for the women in 4:03.98.

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You Should Have Plenty Of Time To Read During Covid-19

LRC Q&A Sam Chelanga On Life In The Army, His Running Comeback, & His New Book, “With The Wind” Chelanga’s new book is out today. He reveals he thinks life in the US and Kenya is actually quite similar. “A problem is a problem. It doesn’t matter where it is, it’s gonna hurt either way. Because pain, it’s the same pain.” He says he was motivated to write a book because “I just couldn’t explain to myself how I was the way I was. I lived a life that I could have never predicted.” *Purchase Here

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Fast Sprinting In Kingston, Jamaica

Catching Up On Some Recent Results

Good News And Bad News

The Good Michael Norman Runs 9.86 For 100 Meters, Joins Wayde Van Niekerk As Only Members Of Sub-10/20/44 Club Norman’s PRs of 9.86/19.70/43.45 place him in the discussion of history’s most versatile sprinter with van Niekerk, Usain Bolt, and Michael Johnson.
*MB: MICHAEL NORMAN 9.86!!!! (1.6).

ISTAF Berlin Will Be Held On Sept 13th With 3,500 Fans In Stands! (link fixed) And if you can’t wait that long, there is a meet in Italy August 1st with Laura Muir, Wayde van Niekerk and Jemma Reekie.

The Bad US Track & Field Championships Cancelled For The First Time In 145 Years The last time there was no US national track & field championship, Ulysses S. Grant was president and there were only 37 states.
*MB: 2020 USAs Cancelled: For the first time since Ulysses S Grant was president, there will be no US Track Champs

It’s The 40th Anniversary Of The 1980 Moscow Olympic Boycott

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LRC Podcast

LRC Shelby Houlihan 14:23 American Record Bonus Podcast Shelby Houlihan joined us to talk about her American record run in the 5,000m. Listen to the best track and field running podcast on the planet.

Damn It – Too Good To Be True

LRC US Masters Star Kevin Castille Banned Four Years For Steroid Use Castille, who holds world 45+ records of 14:11 and 29:44 on the track, was banned after testing positive at the 2019 USATF Masters 10K Champs. *Discuss Here

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