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A Lot Of Coleman / Naser Criticism From The UK

LRC In Christian Coleman Case, Track & Field Cannot Win No matter the outcome of the Christian Coleman saga, somebody is going to be unhappy. So it goes, as track & field suffers another self-inflicted wound.

USATF Publishes False Info On Its Own Website

LRC USATF Corrects Their Own Error; Still Unclear If Marks This Summer Will Count For Olympic Trials Qualifying USATF says its statement that marks achieved this summer would not count for Olympic Trials qualification was not “finalized” so it’s possible marks will count. At least it’s not as bad as last year, when USATF was forced to re-pick its entire Pan American Games squad because it failed to follow its own selection policy.
*MB: USATF says statement it published on its website saying you couldn’t qualify for the Trials during Covid-19 wasn’t actually true.

The AIU Says They Purposely Don’t Call Athletes?

Trying To Come Back From Coronavirus

News From Oregon

Brown Track Is Back!

MB: Brown University Reinstates Men’s Cross-Country And Track And Field Teams A letter from the university president to the Brown community stated that they realized their original decision to cut the teams would “have real and lasting implications for efforts to build and sustain diverse and inclusive communities for our students at Brown, and particularly our community of black students and alumni.”

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LRC I Was Bored, So I Watched Joan Benoit Samuelson Win The 1984 Olympic Marathon After a runner that was “considerably heavier than the other marathoners” took an early lead, Benoit won the inaugural women’s Olympic marathon thanks to a daring early breakaway, clocking the #3 time ever (at the time) and demolishing a field of studs (Grete WaitzIngrid KristiansenRosa Mota) to cement her status as a legend.
*MB: How hot was it really during the 1984 Olympic women’s marathon? The NY Times report on the race says it got up to “near 90” but the weather data doesn’t show that.

LRC’s Weekly Podcast 2020 Boston Marathon Cancelled, Brown Track And Field Cancelled + Guest Tyler Andrews Goes For Treadmill World Record At Chaski Challenge And HSer Joe Fast Joins The Show Listen to the best track and field running podcast on the planet and learn about the guy who may dominate the NCAA men’s 800 for years to come.

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RIP European Athletics President

Happy Father’s Day

Recommended Read: ESPN: “Philadelphia Eagles Receiver (And Olympic LJer) Marquise Goodwin And Wife Morgan Persevere Through Pain For The Promise Of Family” Goodwin and his wife tell the emotional story of how after losing three children to pregnancy complications and premature births, they finally welcomed into the world a beautiful baby girl.

Hayward Field Not Yet Open For Business

Happy 40th Birthday, Craig Mottram

Throwback Thursday #11
LRC I Was Bored, So I Watched Craig Mottram Battle Augustine Choge In Melbourne At The 2006 Commonwealth Games In honor of Craig Mottram‘s 40th birthday today, we revisit the race he called “the greatest race I have ever done in my life” – his incredible duel with Kenya’s Augustine Choge in the 2006 Commonwealth Games 5,000m final.
*MB: Time flies. Happy 40th birthday Craig Mottram. We celebrate by featuring your 2006 CG silver on Throwback Thursday

Diack Trial Updates – Will Anyone Even Serve Time For One Of The Biggest Sporting Scandals Of All-Time?

Tokyo 2021 Talk

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We’ve Brought John Kellogg Out Of Retirement – Our Summer Training Program Is Back

LRC High Schoolers And College Runners- Train Smarter This Summer With The LetsRun.com Summer Training Program If you aren’t sure what you should be doing for summer training and want to be your best this fall, sign up for our summer training program. Get a daily training schedule, interact with our team, and be your best this fall.

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Running Through Coronavirus

Last Week Was The One-Year Anniversary Of Gabe Grunewald’s Passing

Since You Can’t Go To A Movie Theater, You Should Consider Watching This New Feature Film At Home While In Covid-19 Quarantine

LRC Sudanese Refugee Turned Olympian Guor Mading Maker’s Incredible Life Story Is Now A Feature Film: “Runner” 8 of his 9 siblings were killed in the Sudanese Civil War but Guor Maker (née Marial) somehow survived and eventually thrived despite the odds and competed in the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Marathons. Maker is the subject of a new feature-length documentary that will premiere this weekend in conjunction with World Refugee Day. *Click Here To Find Out How To Watch

Christian Coleman Could Miss Olympics After Three Missed Tests But The Drug Tester Didn’t Even Try To Call Him?

LRC World’s Fastest Man May Face An Olympic Ban For Missing Yet Another Drug Test Christian Coleman may be facing a two-year ban, but we’re not sure he should be banned as some significant questions remain about his case. The authorities ADMIT they made no attempt to call Coleman when they could not locate him.
*MB: Christian Coleman facing suspension for three missed tests

AP: Coleman Is Accusing AIU Of Making A “Purposeful Attempt” To Make Him Miss A Test For the test in question, Coleman says he was shopping for Christmas presents near his home and documents show the testers didn’t call him.

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Results!!! – Keira And Raczko Are Back, Baby

MB Keira D’Amato (née Carlstrom), 35-yr old mother of two who took 10+ years off from running, runs 15:04 5K time trial If her return to prominence wasn’t cool enough, how about this? She is coached by Alan Webb‘s HS coach Scott Raczko.

LRC Exclusive

LRC Cross-Country In The Age Of COVID-19: What The 2020 NCAA XC Season Will Look Like … If There Is One Will there be a 2020 NCAA XC season? Jonathan Gault spoke to NCAA coaches, medical experts, and members of the NCAA’s coronavirus advisory panel to figure out if a cross-country season is feasible and what it might look like. And there is good news. “I think it is very feasible that there will be a cross-country season,” says Dr. Amesh Adalja, senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security and a member of the NCAA’s coronavirus advisory panel.