Quarantine Classico High School Sub-4 Minute Mile Race Tonight At 11 PM Eastern Yes! A real live race at 11 Eastern/8 Pacific with 7 high schoolers trying to go sub-4 in the mile in California.

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LRC The Big 3, Reunited: Alan Webb, Ryan Hall & Dathan Ritzenhein Discuss Their Greatest Performances, Biggest Lessons, & Much More Alan Webb, Dathan Ritzenhein and Ryan Hall had never sat down and talked about their careers until this week. Find out why Ritz had Webb’s face on his dartboard as a high schooler, how Webb was able to beat Ritzenhein in their famous 10k showdown in 2006, which performances each believes was the best from their careers, their biggest lessons from the sport, their views on new shoe technology, Webb and Ritz’s thoughts on their time with the Nike Oregon Project and Alberto Salazar‘s ban, and much more.

There Was No Olympics For The US 40 Years Ago Either

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And 1.5k News Shannon Osika Is Thriving As A Pro Under Mike McGuire With Little Fanfare US 1,500 running is so good that her 4:01 last year received little notice. Not bad for someone who had a 4:12 college PR. Both her mom and dad ran in the 1988 Olympic Trials.

Throwback Thursday #7

LRC I Was Bored, So I Watched the 2008 NCAA Cross-Country Championships A look back at Galen Rupp‘s first NCAA title (and an examination of his strange fashion choices) and the Oregon men’s last team title, a historically loaded Oregon team, and why the Washington women were like the 1985 Chicago Bears.
*MB: What’s the most loaded NCAA men’s xc team in history? Was 2008 Oregon with Rupp, Puskedra, Biwott, Centro and Wheating?

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LRC Podcast: Brynn Brown, The Return Of The Major Marathons, Everyone Is An All-American, Bus-Only NCAA XC And Track & Field’s Grand Slams In this week’s pod, we propose a simple plan that should result in the major big-city marathons returning to action this fall. We also talk about Brynn Brown‘s amazing 9:39 3,200-meter run, get you ready for this weekend’s high school sub-4 mile attempt, and rip the NCAA coaches for declaring every one who qualified for NCAAs at the DIII level an All-American. Along the way, we talk about Ben Rosario‘s idea to create 4 Grand Slams for track and field and wonder how the NCAA XC season will look if teams only travel by bus.

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LRC Dathan Ritzenhein Hangs ‘Em Up: We Pick Our 5 Favorite Moments From His Career Between a 12:56 American record in Zurich, bronze at World Half and World Jr. XC, two dominant Foot Locker wins, and an NCAA XC title over Ryan Hall, there were plenty of highlights during Ritz’s lengthy career.
*MB: Breaking: Dathan Ritzenhein Retires at 37


Will There Be A 145th Straight US Nationals In 2020? Max Siegel Couldn’t Be Bothered To Respond

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MB: JAKOB INGEBRIGTSEN (13:28) and Henrik (13:32) both break Norwegian 5Km Road Record The race started pedestrian (8:25) and supposedly Jakob ran his last 2k in 5:04.

LRC High Schooler Brynn Brown Runs Second-Best 3,200 In US HS Girls’ History Running with a male pacer, the junior from Denton, Tex. clocked 9:39.67 (HT) in a time trial on Tuesday. That’s equal to 8:59.9 for 3k. Watch it here.
*MB: BRYNN BROWN RUNS 9:39 3200M!!!
*Q&A with Brynn Brown after her 9:39

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You Have One Month To Get In Shape To Earn Some Money

RRW A Virtual Race With Prize Money – Welcome To The Brooklyn Mile, Where The Prize Money Is Age Graded And Based On VDOT Scores You run any time between June 19-21. Anyone recording a VDOT score of 8, 9 or 10 will get paid. 100% of the $15 entry fee goes to prize money (20%) or charity (80%).

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LRC Book Review: A 46-Year-Old Spends A Summer Training Like A Pro In Flagstaff In “Running the Dream” Matt Fitzgerald joined Ben Rosario‘s HOKA NAZ Elite team for three months in the summer of 2017 as he chased a personal best at the Chicago Marathon. From workouts on Lake Mary Road to strength sessions to a visit to John Ball, he lived the full professional experience.  “[The book] newfound appreciation for one of the privileges of life as a professional runner. Not the chance to travel the world racing in cool locations or the freedom to nap copiously, but the ability to dedicate all of one’s energies to becoming the best one can be – and the opportunity to make memories doing it alongside friends and teammates.” Five out of five stars. Purchase here.

The American GOATs Answered Your Questions Right Here On LetsRun.com

MB: Got a question for our American GOATs Jim Ryun & Deena Kastor? Deena Kastor and Jim Ryun have been answering them this week on LRC.

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This Debate Will Never End

LRC Ritz Vs. Webb Vs. Hall – Who Was Better? A Pseudo-Scientific Breakdown It’s one of the great running debates: which one of the Big Three had the best career? With Dathan RitzenheinAlan Webb and Ryan Hall all retired, Jonathan Gault breaks it down and picks a winner.
*MB: Now that they are all retired, who had the better career – Dathan Ritz, Alan Webb or Ryan Hall?

10 Years Ago, Chris Solinsky Ran 26:59.60 To SHOCK THE WORLD

LRC 26:59! How Chris Solinsky Transformed A “Glorified Tempo” Into An All-Time Upset And Performance 10 years ago today, Chris Solinsky shocked the world by running 26:59 in his 10,000-meter debut. Get the inside story from Jonathan Gault and learn how the date of Solinsky’s wedding played a key role in his preparations and why his victory led to a decade-long feud between coaches Alberto Salazar and Jerry Schumacher.
*MB: Chris Solinsky’s 26:59 turns 10 years old today. Share your memories here.z
*MB:  Jonathan Gault’s new story makes Alberto Salazar look totally cringe
*MB: Does anyone have access to a recording of the live broadcast by Stanford of Chris Solinksy’s 26:59?

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