Bored And Craving Track Action? Watch Two Olympics 800 Finals At Once

That’s a 2-for-1 special of Olympic 800 finals for you as we know you haven’t been watching enough track recently.

Podcast Time

LRC We Talk To Jim Ryun After Naming Him The Greatest American Distance Runner Of All-Time What a great podcast we have for you this week as we devote the entire show to talking to Jim Ryun, who recently was voted the Greatest American Distance Runner of All-Time on Ryun talks about his entire career, including making the Olympics and running sub-4 in HS, breaking the WR as a college frosh (and meeting his wife on the same day), winning Olympic silver, getting tripped in ’72 and much more including what his relationship with Alan Webb and Matthew Centrowitz is like.

LRC’s Jonathan Gault Appears As Guest On Pace The Nation Podcast Gault talks about LetsRun’s origins and the party scene at the Olympic Trials in Atlanta. The podcast is co-hosted by 2012 Olympic Trials 5k champ Julie Culley. Rojo kindly asks that you don’t listen to this podcast as he’s very proud his appearance on the show holds the record for most listened to podcast for them – ahead of even Matthew Centrowitz.

The Latest From Kenya

Some Actual Track Action

Drew Hunter Runs 8:36 For Two Miles In Time Trial On Instagram Live – Raises More Than $10k For A Charity In Haiti More than 3,000 people watched it live. It was supposedly 68 and a little windy (12 mph), which makes us appreciate Ritz’s 27:22 in high 78 degree temps in Berlin 2009.

More US Running News Of Note Grad Transfers Alex Ostberg And Thomas Ratcliffe Leaving Stanford To Reunite With Coach Chris Miltenberg At UNC The extra year of eligibility/free agency is getting crazy as UNC also picked up Connor Lundy and Allen Siegler. *Discuss

Throwback Thursday

LRC I Was Bored, So I Watched The 1983 World Cross-Country Championships Journey back to 1983, when America was a cross-country superpower, the world’s best runners including marathoners ran at World XC, and a guy named Bekele was the best XC runner in the world. In a field loaded with stars, the top four men were separated by just one second. The 4th place finisher? Alberto Salazar. The race also included the likes of Miruts Yifter, Pat Porter, Steve Jones, Rob de Castella, and Alberto Cova.

From The Guardian‘s Archive: 7 May 1930 A Feature On Mile WR Holder Paavo Nurmi Nurmi revolutionized the mile by showing you should run all four laps fast (not rest in the middle) and by going to a more upright style.

A Special Anniversary Deserves A Special Podcast

Bonus Podcast LRC Chris Solinsky: “I Believe That I Was In Shape To Run Sub-7:30, Sub-12:50, And Probably Somewhere In The 26:40/26:30 Range”   Chris Solinsky reveals that the best shape of his life came in 2011, not 2010 when he ran his historic 26:59. Plus he shares his vision for the Florida Gator distance program and tells a really cool story about how Eliud Kipchoge was genuinely happy for him when Chris destroyed Kipchoge in Oslo in 2010 when Solinsky first broke 13:00.
*MB: Chris Solinsky: “I Believe That I Was in Shape to Run Sub-7:30, Sub-12:50, and Probably Somewhere In The 26:40/26:30 Range”

Previous Mid-D And Distance News

Training News

10 Years Ago, Chris Solinsky Ran 26:59.60 To SHOCK THE WORLD

LRC 26:59! How Chris Solinsky Transformed A “Glorified Tempo” Into An All-Time Upset And Performance 10 years ago today, Chris Solinsky shocked the world by running 26:59 in his 10,000-meter debut. Get the inside story from Jonathan Gault and learn how the date of Solinsky’s wedding played a key role in his preparations and why his victory led to a decade-long feud between coaches Alberto Salazar and Jerry Schumacher.
*MB: Chris Solinsky’s 26:59 turns 10 years old today. Share your memories here.z
*MB:  Jonathan Gault’s new story makes Alberto Salazar look totally cringe
*MB: Does anyone have access to a recording of the live broadcast by Stanford of Chris Solinksy’s 26:59?

Speaking of Anniversaries

Random, But Potentially Worth A Glance

Mothers Day Is Sunday

The American GOATs Answered Your Questions Right Here On

MB: Got a question for our American GOATs Jim Ryun & Deena Kastor? Deena Kastor and Jim Ryun have been answering them this week on LRC.

News From Kenya

News From Europe

World Athletics (And Other Sports Including Swimming) Ask The IOC To Pay Them Some Of The $40 Million In Olympic TV Money Now Even Though The Olympics Won’t Be Held Until 2021 “Like many Olympic sports, we are very grateful but also reliant on the share of the IOC broadcast revenues,” Coe said. “We work in that four-year business cycle and not having those revenues in the year that we were planning means that we have to be very careful.”

He Will Be Missed

LRC Dathan Ritzenhein Hangs ‘Em Up: We Pick Our 5 Favorite Moments From His Career Between a 12:56 American record in Zurich, bronze at World Half and World Jr. XC, two dominant Foot Locker wins, and an NCAA XC title over Ryan Hall, there were plenty of highlights during Ritz’s lengthy career.
*MB: Breaking: Dathan Ritzenhein Retires at 37


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Backyard Pole Vault

Lavillenie And Duplantis Tie With 36 Clearances Of 5.0m In 30 Minutes In World Athletics Backyard Challenge Sam Kendricks was a distant third with 26. “I was really missing the feeling I get competing. It’s crazy but even doing this in my garden, I get the same feeling I’d get at a major championships,” said Lavillenie, who came up with the idea for the competition. *Discuss *Full Video

Speaking Of World Atheltics, They Didn’t Ban The Vaporflys 
Interesting Read In 1993, With The Introduction Of “Active Suspension,” Formula 1 Had The Equivalent Of A Vaporfly Moment, In 1994 They Banned The Technology Worried about the rising cost (and safety) of the new technology that had made a mockery of the results, F1 banned the revolutionary new technology. World Athletics did not take the same approach.