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LRC I Was Bored, So I Went Back And Watched Ritz, Webb, & Hall Battle At The 2000 Foot Locker Cross-Country Championships Jonathan Gault revisits one of the most-hyped races in the history of US high school cross-country, in which the top three finishers all eventually became American record holders. Plus X-ray graphics, Discmen, hanging chads, and why Sara Hall‘s win in the girls’ race was way better than you remember.
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Last Week: LRC I Was Bored, So I Went Back And Watched The 1998 NCAA Cross-Country Championships

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LRC The Amazing Story Of How Jarrion Lawson Cleared His Name: He Showed That The Head Of A WADA Lab Provided False Testimony Against Him Jarrion Lawson is free to compete once again after his legal team was able to show that Christiane Ayotte, the head of the WADA-accredited doping control lab at the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique in Laval, Quebec, lied while testifying during his case.
*MB: The amazing story of how Jarrion Lawson cleared himself: He showed the head of a WADA lab provided false testimony against him.

Mike Smith Lifts The Veil On Galen Rupp’s Training

LRC Mike Smith Q&A Part II: On Choosing To Coach Galen Rupp, “Defending The Process,” & Rupp’s Human Side Smith said that he was careful not to let preconceived notions cloud his judgment when deciding whether to work with Rupp. “The second we abandon our critical thinking or our process with this stuff … I worry about that.”
*MB: Mike Smith Part II: Smith explains why he agreed to work with Galen Rupp

LRC Mike Smith Q&A, Part I: On Galen Rupp’s Commitment, Restructuring His Training & That 24 X 400 Workout 
*MB: Mike Smith lifts the veil on Galen Rupp’s training and talks about what makes him great

March April Madness (Get Your Elite 8 Votes In By Sunday At Midnight)

LRC American Distance GOAT Sweet 16 Recap: Ryun Defeats Centro, Rupp Takes Down Meb, & More Our quest to anoint the great American Distance runner of all-time is down to the Elite 8. Who had the better career: Frank Shorter or Galen Rupp, Bernard Lagat or Jim Ryun, Deena Kastor or Shalane Flanagan, and Joan Benoit Samuelson or Jenny Simpson.

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*Vote In The Men’s Semifinals! Who had the better career: Frank Shorter or Galen Rupp, Bernard Lagat or Jim Ryun?
*Vote In The Women’s Semifinals Who had the better career: Deena Kastor or Shalane Flanagan, Joan Benoit Samuelson or Jenny Simpson?

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Breaking: MB 2017 London Marathon Champ Daniel Wanjiru Is Popped For Doping The AIU has cited him for a biological passport violation. Add him to the list of Rita Jeptoo, Jemima Sumgong, Emily Chebet, Asbel Kiprop, and Wilson Kipsang.
*Daniel Wanjiru Denies Wrongdoing After Provisional Ban “I am clean in the sports I do. I feel I am already seen as a sinner of doping, but I am not. I am innocent.”

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LRC Running Helped Prepare Dr. Michael Joyner (The Guy Who Predicted The Sub-2:00 Marathon) To Help Lead The COVID-19 Fight Dr. Michael Joyner is on the leadership team of the National COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Project.

LRC Tokyo Postponement Coverage

LRC 6 Big Questions In The Wake Of IOC’s Decision To Postpone Olympics To 2021 What happens to Eugene 2021? What happens to people with Olympic qualifiers from 2019? Which athletes gain from the postponement and which ones are hurt by it? And a proposal for what to do with the 2020 US Champs.
*MB: Olympics are officially delayed for up to one year

LRC With Olympics Postponed, Sprint Star Noah Lyles Gets A Taste Of Cross-Country Training Perhaps no one has the potential to gain more from the 2020 Olympics than Lyles, but he’s relieved that the Olympics have been moved to 2021 as he’s been forced to dodge dog walkers while trying to train in a local park.
*MB: Sprint star Noah Lyles talks about 2020 Olympic postponement – “Actually seeing it delayed gives me a bit of security.”

Free Book Chapters – Purchase Your Autographed Book From Craig Virgin Now

LRC “Virgin Territory” Chapter 17: Front Runner Inc: When Pro Runners Had To Pretend They Weren’t Pro Hard to believe guys in their 60s now had to pretend they weren’t pro runners.

LRC “Virgin Territory” Book Excerpt, Chapter 1: Playing It Risky – Craig Virgin’s 1980 World Cross-Country Win Read about Craig’s win at World XC. Coming tomorrow chapter 17 from the book.

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LRC Had Two Podcasts Last Week *All Here

#2 Guest Dr. Michael Joyner Talks COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Project + Backyard Ultra Controversial Finish + Olympic Qualifying Cancelled + Eugene 2022 + American GOAT  Joyner, the guy who predicted the sub-2 hour marathon, is now working on treatments for COVID-19.

#1 The Mike Wardian Podcast At age 45, has Wardian found his unbeatable event – the Backyard Ultra? Rojo seems to think so as Wardian hardly ever needs to sleep. After running 262+ miles over 63 hours without any sleep, Wardian proceeded to go to work. As of 5 pm Wednesday, he’d slept a total of 4:45 since Saturday morning.
*MB: Meet Mike Wardian – The World’s #1 Runner – Is He The “Eliud Kipchoge” Of Backyard Ultras?

Update On LRC Coronavirus Patient’s Condition

LRC Update: Visitor With COVID-19 Continues To Recover Good news as “justthefacts” condition continued to improve over the weekend and his fever is gone.

LRC What’s It Like For A Runner To Have COVID-19? A Long-Time Visitor Shares His Story Of Being Infected With The Coronavirus A long-term visitor to wants to share his story of what it is like to have the coronavirus. He also wants a singlet when he gets better.
Discussion: I tested Positive for COVID here is my story