LRC What’s it Like For a Runner To Have COVID-19? A Long-time Visitor Shares His Story of Being Infected with the Coronavirus A long-term visitor to wants to share his story of what it is like to have the coronavirus. He also wants a singlet when he gets better.
Discussion: I tested Positive for COVID here is my story

Mike Smith Lifts The Veil On Galen Rupp’s Training

LRC Mike Smith Q&A Part II: On Choosing To Coach Galen Rupp, “Defending The Process,” & Rupp’s Human Side Smith said that he was careful not to let preconceived notions cloud his judgment when deciding whether to work with Rupp. “The second we abandon our critical thinking or our process with this stuff … I worry about that.”
*MB: Mike Smith Part II: Smith explains why he agreed to work with Galen Rupp

LRC Mike Smith Q&A, Part I: On Galen Rupp’s Commitment, Restructuring His Training & That 24 X 400 Workout 
*MB: Mike Smith lifts the veil on Galen Rupp’s training and talks about what makes him great

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Our Weekly Podcast LRC Coronavirus Shuts Down Racing, But Not The Running World Podcast Listen to the best track and field running podcast on the planet and find out how much Wejo got paid to pace Paula R to her WR, who will do better under their new coach – Tom Brady or Galen Rupp, and learn how Covid-19 will impact the marathons. Could it actually result in Scott Fauble or Jared Ward winning a major?

Our Weekly Recap WTW The 2020 Boston Marathon Is Going To Be HOT, Caster Semenya Vs. Luke Wilson, And Will The Coronavirus Result In Eliud Kipchoge Debuting In New York This Fall? This week we take a look at Covid-19’s impact on the running world and wonder how hot it will be Boston and wonder if it might actually result in Eliud Kipchoge debuting in New York this fall. Plus what do actor Luke Wilson‘s HS track exploits tell us about Caster Semenya‘s Olympic 200 dreams?

More Races Cancelled/Postponed

More Virus News/Cancellations

More NCAA Cancellation News

Some Non-Coronavirus Negative News

Boston And London Cancelled

The Boston Marathon Postponed Until September 14th Due To Coronavirus

London Marathon Postponed Until October 4
*BBC Article

Our Weekly Recap And Podcast

LRC WTW: How Did Rupp And Tuliamuk Win? How Did Kipyego Hold Off Linden? USA Drug Cheats And Japanese Marathoning We take a deep dive into the splits of Galen Rupp‘s and Aliphine Tuliamuk‘s wins at the Trials and see how Sally Kipyego held off Des Linden.

LRC Weekly Podcast: NCAA Indoor Preview + Cancel Everything? We get your ready for NCAA Indoors and rejoice in the good news that the NCAA Indoors and Boston and London Marathons are still on – for now. It seems as if the next few weeks are a critical test for Boston/London. Will they show they truly care about the elite race like Tokyo? Or are they nothing but glorified fun runs?
*LRC Aliphine Tuliamuk Podcast
*LRC Ben Rosario Bonus Podcast

More Shoes / Trials

Rojo Speaks It’s Official: Nike’s Vaporfly Shoe Technology And World Athletics’ Shoe Rules Have Ruined The Marathon (At Least Temporarily) The Olympic Trials and the first 3 super-elite marathons of 2020 show one thing: shoes really matter and they are creating an uneven playing field in the sport.

To Help You Through The Pro Racing Drought

LRC Looking For Some Running Content To Watch? On Running’s Chasing Tokyo Series May Be Just For You The series starts in 2019 and follows the On Zap Endurance team through the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials. Yes, we had a major sporting event less than 3 weeks ago!

IOC – Please, Do NOT Panic And Cancel Prematurely

European News

Will There Be A Tokyo 2020?

Not Cancelled … Yet

Caster Semenya Shooting For Tokyo 200m

Caster Semenya Switches To The 200m In Bid To Qualify For Tokyo 2020 Semenya’s PR is 24.26, but she did run an unofficial 23.49 at a low-key meet on Friday. The  Olympic qualifying standard is 22.80.
*MB: Semenya switching to the 200
*Previous MB: What event/sport will Caster Semenya be competing in at Tokyo 2020?

Caster Semenya Says She’s “Supernatural” As She Pursues 200m Olympic Qualifying Time “We are chopping the times and I call myself supernatural. I can do anything I want.”

No NCAAs In 2020

MB: NCAA Cancels Indoors AND Outdoors

Coronavirus Talk

Podcast: Cancel Everything Running Related?!  Listen to the best track and field running podcast on the planet which was recorded Wednesday before everything was actually cancelled.

LRC Book Review

LRC Book Review: “Sporting Gender” Offers Much-Needed History And Context On A Challenging Topic Written by medical physicist Joanna Harper, the book is part scientific explainer, part history lesson, part personal story and attacks a tricky subject from multiple angles.

The Latest Covid-19 Related News

Free Book Chapters – Purchase Your Autographed Book From Craig Virgin Now

LRC “Virgin Territory” Chapter 17: Front Runner Inc: When Pro Runners Had To Pretend They Weren’t Pro Hard to believe guys in their 60s now had to pretend they weren’t pro runners.

LRC “Virgin Territory” Book Excerpt, Chapter 1: Playing It Risky – Craig Virgin’s 1980 World Cross-Country Win Read about Craig’s win at World XC. Coming tomorrow chapter 17 from the book.

More Coronavirus News

One Final Look At The US Olympic Marathon Trials (Sponsored By HOKA)

LRC How Did The HOKA Athletes Do At The 2020 Marathon Trials? 17 HOKA athletes took the Trials, led by Aliphine Tuliamuk, who won the Trials! How did everyone else do? Pretty darn well as HOKA put 3 in the top 8 for the women and 3 in the top 25 for the men.

Bonus Podcasts

LRC Aliphine Tuliamuk Podcast: Smooth Sailing For 25 Miles AT The Trials, Eyeing A Medal In Sapporo Hear from the Olympic Marathon Trials champ.

LRC Ben Rosario HOKA NAZ Elite Coach And Coach Of 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials Champ Aliphine Tuliamuk How did coach Ben go about the big day, how did he build his team, and what are the plans for Sapporo?