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“I joined Nike because I wanted to be the best female athlete ever. Instead, I was emotionally and physically abused by a system designed by Alberto and endorsed by Nike. This is what happened to me… Alberto was constantly trying to get me to lose weight. He created an arbitrary number of 114 pounds and would usually weigh me in front of my teammates and publicly shame if I wasn’t hitting weight. He wanted to give me birth control pills and diuretics to lose weight — the latter of which isn’t allowed in track and field…Alberto yelled at me in front of everybody else at the meet. He told me that I had clearly gained five pounds before the race. It was also that night that I told Alberto and our sports psych that I was cutting myself and they pretty much told me that they just wanted to go to bed….First, Nike needs to change. In track and field, Nike is all-powerful. They control the top coaches, athletes, races, even the governing body. You can’t just fire a coach and eliminate a program and pretend the problem is solved. My worry is that Nike is merely going to rebrand the old program and put Alberto’s old assistant coaches in charge. Secondly, we need more women in power. Part of me wonders if I had worked with more female psychologists, nutritionists and even coaches, where I’d be today. I got caught in a system designed by and for men which destroys the bodies of young girls. Rather than force young girls to fend for themselves, we have to protect them.”

– Mary Cain making some serious allegations against Alberto Salazar and Nike in a New York Times video essay about how she was pressured to use unhealthy methods to lose weight while she was running for NOP.


Mary Cain Makes Serious Allegations Against Alberto Salazar And Nike

LRC Full Transcript of NY Times Video: Mary Cain Says She Was “Emotionally And Physically Abused By A System Designed By Alberto [Salazar] And Endorsed By Nike” In an explosive New York Times video essay, Cain claims she was pressured by Salazar to lose weight (to get down to 114 pounds) and was weighed in front of teammates and “publicly shamed” if she didn’t hit weight. She also says Salazar wanted her to take birth control pills and diuretics to shed pounds – the latter of which is against track and field’s rules according to Cain. Cain also says she became suicidal and started to cut herself and says when she told Alberto Salazar and Darren Treasure that she was cutting herself that “they pretty much told me that they just wanted to go to bed.”
*MB: Explosive New York Times article: Mary Cain breaks silence about NOP

Four Events Cut From The 2020 Diamond League

IAAF Announces Disciplines Selected For The 2020 Diamond League Season The steeplechase, 200m, discus and triple jump were all cut from the DL series (though they will still feature in many of the meets as non-DL events). The IAAF said they made these choices based on research into which events are the most popular. *Discuss

Many Aren’t Happy About The IOC’s Marathon Move

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LRC WTW: Sifan Hassan Does Not Break a World Record, Camille Herron CRUSHES One, Father-Son Marathon Record May Have Fallen The world records did not fall in Valenica as Sifan Hassan showed she’s human but we got some impressive father-son running and Camille Herron hitting a grand slam.

LRC Did Marathon World Record Holder Brigid Kosgei Actually Miss Any Drug Tests? Here’s What We Know After a Confusing Press Conference While her coach was quoted as saying “three times the anti-doping officials did not test her,” her agent Federico Rosa reports she has officially only missed one test. The Kenya authorities say she has been drug tested 54 times.

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One Final Look Back At NYC

LRC 4 Final Thoughts On The 2019 New York City Marathon: The NY Men’s Field Was Shallow, Desisa DNFs Early and Adidas Surprises? We take one final look at the NYC Marathon where for the first time all-year half the podium spots were taken by non-Vaporfly wearing athletes.
*MB: Stat of the Day: Heading into NY, 33 of 36 (91.67%) podium finisherss at the AWMMs in 2019 were wearing Vaporflys.

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NCAA Conference XC Champs Weekend *Live Results: *PAC-12 *ACC *Big Ten *Heps *Mountain West *Big 12 *Big Sky *Conference Champs Central (All Results)

MB: Conference Championships weekend

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LRC 2019 New York City Marathon Preview Podcast + Camille Herron and Rojo Hobby Jogging Love We break down the 2019 NYC Marathon fields.

LRC Women’s Preview: Will the Course Record Finally Go Down? Who Will Be the Top American: Sara Hall, Des Linden, or Kellyn Taylor? Can Mary Keitany get the only thing she doesn’t have in New York – the course record? How will the Americans, Sara Hall, Des Linden, and Kellyn Taylor do?

LRC Men’s Preview: After an Epic Year of Marathoning, What Does NYC Have in Store? NYC’s elite men’s field isn’t deep at all, but with Geoffrey Kamworor coming in off a half marathon WR, Lelisa Desisa chasing an unprecedented Worlds/NYC double, and Jared Ward entering in terrific shape, the men’s race should still be a good one.
*MB: Who wins the men’s race at the 2019 NYC Marathon? Kamworor, Desisa, Kitata, or Tola? Does the course record go as well? 

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2019 TCS NYC Marathon *Men’s Preview *Women’s Preview *Tracking & Results *TV & Streaming

LRC Geoffrey Kamworor Powers to Second NYC Marathon Title in Three Years Kamworor ran his final 10k in 29:14 and got the win as Jared Ward took top American honors in 6th and Abdi Abdirahman set a new US masters record of 2:11:34 at age 42.

LRC Joyciline Jepkosgei Dazzles in Marathon Debut, Just Misses Course Record The half marathon world record holder just missed the course record with her 2:22:38 win. Des Linden led early and ended up the top American in 6th in 2:26:42.

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2019 USATf 5k Champs *Top 10 Results

LRC USATF 5k Quick Takes: Rowbury and Jenkins Talk NOP, Aaron Templeton Breaks Out, and Jessica Tonn Returns Home We caught up with the top performers in NY this morning including the winners – Shannon Rowbury (15:43) and Anthony Rotich (13:48).
*MB: Eric Jenkins on Salazar: “I totally understand why he’d get banned…(He) pushed the line and clearly he pushed it too far.”

LRC Scott Simmons Raves About Anthony Rotich’s Potential: “I Honestly Think He’s a Guy Who Can Medal on the World Stage” Rotich, a 4-time NCAA champ in college, is now a US citizen and Olympic medallist hopeful according to coach Scott Simmons.

British Olympic Sprinter James Ellington Launches Legal Action Against Former Teammate Nigel Levine Over Motorcycle Crash Ellington says he needs money to continue training and rehabbing from the injuries he sustained in the crash where Levine was driving. But Ellington is also suing the driver of the car which seems strange because the crash can’t be both Levine or the other driver’s fault.

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LRC For Sara Hall, A Dream Deferred Led to a Passion Realized 10 years ago, Sara Hall did not love running but felt obligated to do it even though she finished last at USAs as her husband Ryan was a star. Now, at age 36, the mother of 4 is the star and loving the sport more than ever and thriving with Ryan as her coach.
*MB: Jonathan Gault takes a look at the incredible resurgence of Sara Hall. Better than ever at age 36!

LRC Des Linden on the Olympics, Her Running Future, & the Great Shoe Debate: “It’s an Arms Race and It Should Be a Footrace.” Des Linden is free to speak her mind and she didn’t hold back when discussing her future, the new shoe wars and Rio 2016 – specifically did Shalane Flanagan and Amy Cragg have an unfair advantage?

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