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LRC Top 10 Most Comfortable Running Shoes As Rated By You We got over 1,500+ shoe reviews last month and decided to do something with them. People rate shoes different ways but when we ask them what they want they often say “comfort.”

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Temperatures In Tokyo Hit 86 F (30 C) At 6AM One Year Out From The Olympic Marathon

The IAAF Look Back At Some Very Close Finishes At Past World Championships Just .01 separated the three medalists at in the 2003 world 100m final while Mare Dibaba won the 2015 marathon by just one second.

Sprint/Field News

IAAF Inside Athletics Video Interview With Colombia’s Olympic TJ Champ Caterine Ibarguen “The passion has always existed. It’s something that runs in my veins. When I compete, I feel happiness, I feel a connection with the crowd, like they can feel what’s on my mind.”

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Sprint Stuff: A Former Olympic Champ Hangs ‘Em Up

Australia’s 2012 Olympic 100H Champ Sally Pearson Retires, Effective Immediately The 32-year-old said that she’s had six injuries this year and doesn’t think her body would make it to Tokyo 2020. The news is surprising as she had given no indication she was considering retiring and was being announced for upcoming meets just a few days ago.

GB’s Olympic 4 X 400 Bronze Medalist Eilidh Doyle Announces Her Season Is Over After Revealing She’s Pregnant The 32-year-old says she’s due in January and isn’t planning on retiring yet.

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Konstanze Klosterhalfen Crushes NR And PR … Runs Solo 14:26! Second place in the race was 15:19!
*MB: Epic German TV blunder? Did German TV totally mis-ID Konstanze Klosterhalfen’s mom in middle of her record run?

RIP World’s First Sub-2:14 Marathoner – Basil Heatley (2:13:55 In 1964) – Dies At Age 85

Caster Semenya Legal Update From Amby Burfoot

LRC After Latest Swiss Court Ruling, The Odds Are Against Caster Semenya Guest column by former Boston Marathon champ Amby Burfoot.
*Paper in India:
 European Court Of Human Rights May Well Be The Last Court Of Appeal To Overturn The Restrictions Placed On Semenya We disagree. It’s not a human right to compete in a restricted category of professional sports.



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LRC WTW: Koko Goes 14:26, How Damn Hot Will It Be For Tokyo Olympics? Sam Kendricks Sets American Record Emily Infeld ran her first race in a year and a half, Koko went 14:26, and a cool video with Sam Kendricks.

Abbott World Marathon Major News

LRC 2019 TCS New York City Marathon Elite Fields Released: 4 Thoughts On This Year’s Race, Which Includes US Olympians Des Linden And Jared Ward The good news is the women’s race has some real firepower up front with 3 reigning major champions who have all run sub-2:19. The bad news is the men’s race will set a record low in terms of depth for a recent Abbott World Marathon Major.
*MB: 2019 TCS NYC New York City Marathon Field Released – Mary Keitany, Lelisa Desisa + Desi & Jared Ward Are In Included.

LRC Rosie Ruiz – The Most Famous Marathon Cheat In History – Has Died At Age 66 For 8 days, Ruiz was the 1980 Boston Marathon winner. Then it came out that she only ran the final half mile of the course.
*MB: Did Rosie Ruiz Die This Week?

Des Linden Is A Bit Jaded About The Olympics After The Doping Busts From The Rio Marathon “Quite frankly, the last experience is a hard sell to get back out there to try to compete for medals when you’re not even really sure what the field is all about.”

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Justice Is Served

LRC USATF Ordered To Re-Pick Entire 2019 Pan Am Games Team Based On 2019 Comprehensive List put up the $2,000 for this arbitration case to be held and with the help of pro bono lawyer David Greifinger prevailed. Those of you who wanted to contribute can now do so here.
*MB: USATF completely botches selection of 2019 Pan American Games team