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Konstanze Klosterhalfen Crushes NR And PR … Runs Solo 14:26! Second place in the race was 15:19!

RIP World’s first sub-2:14 marathoner – Basil Heatley (2:13:55 in 1964) – dies at age 85

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Temperatures In Tokyo Hit 86 F (30 C) At 6AM One Year Out From The Olympic Marathon

The IAAF Look Back At Some Very Close Finishes At Past World Championships Just .01 separated the three medalists at in the 2003 world 100m final while Mare Dibaba won the 2015 marathon by just one second.

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Justice Is Served

LRC USATF Ordered To Re-Pick Entire 2019 Pan Am Games Team Based On 2019 Comprehensive List put up the $2,000 for this arbitration case to be held and with the help of pro bono lawyer David Greifinger prevailed. Those of you who wanted to contribute can now do so here.
*MB: USATF completely botches selection of 2019 Pan American Games team 

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Caster Semenya Legal Update From Amby Burfoot

LRC After Latest Swiss Court Ruling, The Odds Are Against Caster Semenya Guest column by former Boston Marathon champ Amby Burfoot.
*Paper in India:
European Court Of Human Rights May Well Be The Last Court Of Appeal To Overturn The Restrictions Placed On Semenya We disagree. It’s not a human right to compete in a restricted category of professional sports.



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Who Won The Shoe War At USAs?

LRC Nike-Sponsored Athletes Dominate 2019 USATF Outdoor Championships, Take Home 71.67% Of Top-3 Finishes In Track Events We take a look at who won the shoe war at USAs. In an absolute sense Nike CRUSHED it, but not if you adjust it on a per dollar of revenue basis.
*MB: Nike CRUSHES competition in sponsorship war at 2019 USAs. The swoosh sponsored 71.68% of top 3 finishers in track events.

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Semenya Won’t Race In Doha

Caster Semenya Out Of World Champs After Swiss Supreme Court Reverses Its Ruling That Suspended The IAAF Testosterone Rules Pending Her Appeal She said that she will continue on with her appeal despite her “disappointment” at not being able to defend her world title.

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