Live Now: MB: Official NCAA Regional Discussion Thread – Who choked and who was clutch? Let’s hear it. 
*MB: BYU Qualifies SIX GUYS to NCAA finals in 10,000

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LRC Book Review: “The Complete History Of Cross-Country Running” Is A Fraudulent Piece Of Plagiarism We first alerted author Andrew Hutchinson and publisher Skyhorse Publishing about the issue in January 2018 after Hutchinson ripped off one of LRC’s pieces. Sixteen months later, the book is back up for sale and full of plagiarism.

A Lot Of Corruption Charges Surround Doha’s 2019 World Champs Bid

Lance Armstrong On His Doping Scandal: “It wasn’t legal – but I wouldn’t change a thing.” Armstrong did say however, that he wishes he handled the doping questions differently. “I never should have taken it on, especially knowing that most of what they said was true.”

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Wednesday Was HOKA Carbon X Launch Day (Sponsored)

LRC Big Talk Ultramarathon Legend Jim Walmsley Talks Olympic Trials, Hobby Jogging, Missile Silos, Eliud Kipchoge, The Best Records In The Sport, And More Ultramarathon legend Jim Walmsley shares all. He talks about how he hopes to complete the Triple Crown of ultra running, what events he could beat Eliud Kipchoge in, how he’d rather be the top US marathoner rather than ultramarathoner, and more.

LRC HOKA Pros Michael Wardian And Sabrina Little Tell Us What They View As The Best Ultra Races, Runners And Records In History Our deep dive in the ultra scene continues as Sabrina Little and Michael Wardian reveal what they view as the best races, runners and records (Sponsored content by HOKA ONE ONE).
*MB: What are the best ultramarathon records?
*MB: What are the best ultras in the world?

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LRC Weekly Podcast: LetsSprint & Guest Ben Rosario: Noah Lyles Over Christian Coleman, Sydney McLaughlin, Paul Chelimo In Trouble? Alysia Montaño Vs. Nike We go in depth into the sprinting world, talk about another WMM, and are joined by HOKA NAZ Elite coach Ben Rosario for 1 hour to talk about his team.

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A Former Crew Member Of Ultramarathon Legend Yiannis Kouros Shares Some Stories Kouros holds the #1 ultramarathon record in the books – the men’s 24 hour record of 188.68 miles (303.506 km). This crew member reveals Kouros wanted to break 320 km and much more.

LRC Week That Was: Why Do The Kenyan Men Suck At 5,000? Kenny B Runs 19.49 And 44.83, Rachel Schneider Impresses In our weekly recap, we praise the “new” Kenny B, Rachel S, and wonder if steeple fans are outraged that one of their all-time greats was disrespected and forced to run in the slow heat at Oxy.
*MB: Why do the Kenyan men now “suck” at the 5000?

LRC Is The Next Great Sprint Rivalry Here? Noah Lyles Beats Christian Coleman At 100m, Coleman (And Girlfriend) Fire Shots At Lyles On Twitter

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LRC GOAT: Yiannis Kouros’ 24-Hour Record Of 303.306 KM (188.68 Miles) From 1997 Is The Greatest Ultramarathon World Record There’s no world record easier to understand in the ultramarathon world than, “How far can you run in a day?”
*LRC These Are 7 Of The Greatest But Not THE Greatest Ultra Records Camille Herron‘s 24-hour record, Jim Walmsley‘s Western States, Francois D’Haene‘s UTMB mark and a couple from Comrades all make the cut.

This Week’s Topic: MB: Who are the greatest ultramarathon runners in history? Give us your thoughts and you could win free Hokas.

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Another Big EPO Bust Coming From Kenya

LRC Eunice Kirwa Becomes Second 2016 Olympic Marathon Medalist To Test Positive For EPO Far from a surprise for insiders as Kirwa is the wife of Joshua Kemei, the coach of half marathon world record holder Abraham Kiptum, who last month was suspended by the AIU for a biological passport violation. Plus Des Linden said she thought at least two people ahead of her in Rio were dopers.
*Shalane Flanagan Tells RW That Two Is Nice But Three Is Better – She Has Suspicions About A Third Woman That Beat Her In Rio
 Olympic Marathon Silver Medalist Eunice Kirwa Busted for EPO Doping.

Is Nigeria About To Get Banned?

The Guardian: Anxiety Grips Athletics Federation Of Nigeria As IAAF’s Deadline Over “Missing” $135,000 Expires Soon The IAAF accidentally gave a grant of $150,000 instead of $15,000. They realized their mistake and asked for the money back a couple days after, but two years later Nigeria still hasn’t returned the money.

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LRC Editorial The Olympic Marathon Trials Are (Still) In Jeopardy – Here’s What USATF & The IAAF Can Do To Fix It No American marathon is more compelling than the Olympic Marathon Trials. But if USATF and the IAAF don’t act, the drama and intrigue of the Trials could be destroyed in 2020. Please take 30 seconds to tweet, post, and share about this issue with the tags @USATF, @iaaforg, @TeamUSA, @nbcsports, and #savethetrials. We couldn’t care less if you share this article – we just want awareness to the issue in general. Write your own article and we’ll reshare it.
*MB: Help save the US Olympic Marathon Trials – A call to action

LRC Weekly Podcast: Legend Of “White Lightning” Matt Boling Grows, Mary Cain Wins, Grant Fisher Loses (Twice), World Relays, Shanghai Diamond League, Homophobic Slurs, US Olympic Trials, And The Ethiopian High Jump Record Falls Listen and subscribe today. We also note Rojo is in fine form.

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