The 10th Shanghai DL *FULL Results *TV/Streaming (Replay Sunday 8 PM ET On Olympic Channel)

LRC 2019 Shanghai Diamond League Recap: Noah Lyles Beats Christian Coleman, Samba Over Benjamin, And Sydney McLaughlin Debuts Shanghai had it all. Sydney McLaughlin‘s DL debut, Abderrahman Samba vs. Rai Benjamin at 400H,  Christian Coleman vs. Noah Lyles in the 100 and a STACKED men’s 5,000. We recap it all for you. Includes results and video highlights.

Wednesday Was HOKA Carbon X Launch Day (Sponsored)

LRC Big Talk Ultramarathon Legend Jim Walmsley Talks Olympic Trials, Hobby Jogging, Missile Silos, Eliud Kipchoge, The Best Records In The Sport, And More Ultramarathon legend Jim Walmsley shares all. He talks about how he hopes to complete the Triple Crown of ultra running, what events he could beat Eliud Kipchoge in, how he’d rather be the top US marathoner rather than ultramarathoner, and more.

LRC HOKA Pros Michael Wardian And Sabrina Little Tell Us What They View As The Best Ultra Races, Runners And Records In History Our deep dive in the ultra scene continues as Sabrina Little and Michael Wardian reveal what they view as the best races, runners and records (Sponsored content by HOKA ONE ONE).
*MB: What are the best ultramarathon records?
*MB: What are the best ultras in the world?

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Ultramarathon Madness Continues (Sponsored)

LRC What Are The Greatest Ultramarathon Records? These Are 7 Of The Greatest But Not THE Greatest We share with you 7 of our favorite ultramarathon records. On Monday, we’ll unveil the GOAT – the greatest record of all time.
*MB: Who are the greatest ultramarathon runners in history? (Sponsored by HOKA)
*MB: What are the best ultramarathon records?

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LRC Editorial The Olympic Marathon Trials Are (Still) In Jeopardy – Here’s What USATF & The IAAF Can Do To Fix It No American marathon is more compelling than the Olympic Marathon Trials. But if USATF and the IAAF don’t act, the drama and intrigue of the Trials could be destroyed in 2020. Please take 30 seconds to tweet, post, and share about this issue with the tags @USATF, @iaaforg, @TeamUSA, @nbcsports, and #savethetrials. We couldn’t care less if you share this article – we just want awareness to the issue in general. Write your own article and we’ll reshare it.
*MB: Help save the US Olympic Marathon Trials – A call to action

LRC Weekly Podcast: Legend Of “White Lightning” Matt Boling Grows, Mary Cain Wins, Grant Fisher Loses (Twice), World Relays, Shanghai Diamond League, Homophobic Slurs, US Olympic Trials, And The Ethiopian High Jump Record Falls Listen and subscribe today. We also note Rojo is in fine form.

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