Breaking 2 – The Sequel

Eliud Kipchoge Will Make Another Sub-2 Hour Marathon Attempt Later This YearThe “preferred location” is in London in mid-October and it would once again not be record eligible as it’d be a loop course with a bunch of pacers swapping in and out. Kipchoge’s manager Jos Hermens said he thinks the three areas they can improve from last time are the crowd, fueling and humidity.
*Eliud Kipchoge’s Sub-2 Attempt Could Have Some Controversy As It’s Going To Be Financed By Britain’s Richest Man, Jim Ratcliffe Ratcliffe’s petrochemical company Ineos has faced protests from environmentalists for its business practices and links to fracking.

HOKA ONE ONE Project Carbon X World Record Attempt *Results *Video Replay Of Race (Sponsored)

LRC With Better Pacing Could Jim Walmsley Gone Sub 6? The heat took its toll, but the question remains did Walmsley’s pacing possibly cost him the sub 6 for 100k? *Discuss

LRC Anything Can Happen At An Ultra: Jim Walmsley Runs Faster Than Anyone Ever For 50 Miles, Yet World Champ Hideaki Yamauchi Wins 100k Jim Walmsley accomplished one of his major goals, eclipsing Bruce Fordyce‘s world best for 50 miles and beating the American record. Doing it cost him any chance of winning the 100k race as he was reduced to walking some of the final 12 miles as World Champ Hideaki Yamauchi got the win.
*MB: The Legend of Jim Walmsley Grows

Results: Jim Walmsley Gets World Best/American Record At 50 Miles, World Champ Hideaki Yamauchi Wins 100k
LRC Live Thread On Race
*Video Replay Of Race

NCAA News: Conference Champs Start This Weekend

LRC Weekly Podcast London Marathon Recap Podcast: Caster Semenya Decision, Eliud Kicphoge’s Greatness, Stanford & Doha Diamond League Preview, HOKA Project Carbon X We react to the Caster decision, talk about Kipchoge, Stanford, Doha, and more. Includes an interview with HOKA’s Mike McManus about Project Carbon X.

Fallout From Caster Semenya Decision

Some London Marathon Leftovers

2019 London Marathon *TV & Streaming *Tracking & Results *Pre-Race Podcast

LRC Final Eliud Kipchoge Runs 2:02:37, Shatters London Course Record To Win 10th Straight Marathon Eliud Kipchoge continues to redefine what we thought was possible in the marathon.

LRC Putting Eliud Kipchoge’s Marathon Greatness In Perspective No matter how you look at it – win rate, average time, or world ranking – Kipchoge is WAY better than anyone else in history.

LRC Mo Farah Speaks On Haile G & Jama Aden As His Coach Gary Lough Criticizes Media Coverage: “I Don’t Think It’s Fair” Mo Farah said he doesn’t regret anything he’s said this week and his coach Gary Lough went a step further, criticizing the media for feeding “off Haile’s lies.” “Haile was president of the Ethiopian federation. He let Jama Aden coach Genzebe Dibaba. So why’s he coming out and saying stuff like this?”

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The 125th Penn Relays *Results *TV & Streaming




Sunday Road Results

More On Caster Semenya

LRC Post-Caster Semenya Articles

LRC What No One Is Telling You About Caster Semenya: She Has XY Chromosomes, The Usain Bolt/Michael Phelps Comparisons Don’t Work, And More After getting a confused email from his mom, Robert Johnson realized that average person has no idea what’s going on with the Caster Semenya case because the mainstream reporting on the case is so poor. Somehow the Associated Press, BBC, NY Times, NPR, Reuters, and Washington Post all failed to tell you a very key fact about Semenya – she has XY chromosomes. Since the media’s reporting on Semenya has been so biased, Robert thought it was important to clear up three common misconceptions about the Semenya case. We encourage you to share this article with your friends that haven’t been following the Semenya case closely.

LRC Guest Column By Amby Burfoot: Let Semenya Run Free … In The 1,500 The 1968 Boston Marathon champ, who wrote a 5,000+ word piece in support of the IAAF’s regulations regarding Caster Semenya, says he felt “no joy” when he read the CAS decision yesterday and is now actually hoping the IAAF lets Semenya run the 1,500.

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Post-London News

LRC Eliud Kipchoge Says He Plans To Run All Six World Marathon Majors Before He Retires New York and Boston couldn’t have heard better news. Get him here now!

London Women

LRC Final Brigid Kosgei Is Your New Queen As She Destroys The World’s Greatest Marathon Field Ever Assembled In London Kosgei was extremely confident going in and she showed why this morning in London.

LRC Emily Sisson Backs Up The Hype With 2:23:08 Debut In London Marathon She set an American record for a women’s only race and just missed Jordan Hasay‘s fastest-ever American debut of 2:23:00. Molly Huddle PRed but wasn’t happy, “Today just wasn’t good.”

World Relay Champs Are Next Month

Stanford’s Payton Jordan Meet *Results

RRW  Twenty-Five Athletes Get World Championships Qualifiers At 2019 Payton Jordan Invitational Only three got the tougher 2020 Olympic standards, however. Drew Hunter (and Eric Jenkins) ran 13:21 but the breakthrough performance of the night came in the men’s steeple, where Oklahoma State‘s Ryan Smeeton ran a 13+ second PR of 8:27.
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*MB: Tinmen held their own against the big dogs at Payton Jordan

Stanford Results: Murphy, Simpson, Kejelcha, Hassan, True, Hull And Ostrander Win Clayton Murphy won the 1,500 (3:37.59) comfortably, Jenny Simpson got the win (15:21) over Rachel Schneider in the 5,000 (video of finish here) , Yomif Kejelcha won the 5,000 with easily (13:10 for him, 13:17 for 2nd)and Sifan Hassan‘s 10,000m debut (31:18) was a success, as Ben True won the 10k (27:52) but no one got the Worlds standard.
Discuss: Official 2019 Payton Jordan Discussion Thread

*Register Guard: Oregon Ducks Shine At Payton Jordan Invitational

Previous Semenya News

Caster Semenya Loses CAS Case, Can Only Compete In Women’s 800 If She Suppresses Testosterone “The panel found that the DSD Regulations are discriminatory but that, on the basis of the evidence submitted by the parties, such discrimination is a necessary, reasonable and proportionate means of achieving the IAAF’s aim of preserving the integrity of female athletics in the Restricted Events.” The ruling applies to athletes who are 46 XY.

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