Nike Wants US Male Marathoners Not To Suck

LRC Nike To Hold Breaking 2:10 Race For US Men’s Marathoners Nike has finally decided to do something for US male distance runners and has announced the Breaking2:10 Project will take place in October to ensure an American man not named Galen Rupp finally goes sub 2:10 in the marathon. Cool race, cool idea. “(Even) Canada had a guy we gave up on break 2:10 last year. … We’re a country of 320 million people and all we’ve got is one guy that can do it? Frankly, it’s embarrassing,” said Nike CEO Mark Parker.

More US Distance News Of Note

LRC 2020 Olympic Trials Distance Events Will Be Held At Boston University’s Indoor Track It’s the best place to time trial in America and that’s what USATF wants the Trials to be.

LRC University Of Oregon Will Add “Hobby Jogger” To Its Hate Speech Code Oregon will add the term “hobby jogger” to its hate speech code after two undergraduates allege they were verbally bullied by members of the cross-country team. “The University of Oregon code of conduct requires all students to refrain from demeaning talk meant to wound by insult,” said a spokesperson for the University of Oregon.

LRC 2028 LA Olympic Games To Contest 1,600 Meter Run The 1,500 makes no sense.

Truth Is Often Stranger Than Fiction – 2018

That Pricey Marathon Is Likely To Get Even Pricier

LRC Exclusive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez To Ask That A Tax On Distance Running Be Added To Green New Deal AOC is going to ask for distance running to be taxed after a study found runners add greatly to the CO2 levels of the globe. “Even if we ignore the amount of CO2 they needlessly produce when working out, the amount of CO2 the runners create when they fly to their marathons is staggering,” said AOC.

Sad But Necessary News

Wejo on left, Women in pink on rightLRC Founder “Wejo” To Take Leave Of Absence After Incident At World Cross-Country The reins of LRC will be in the hands of Rojo after Weldon “disappointed his family and the community” in Aarhus, Denmark. He’ll be taking time off to recenter himself. Full details at link above.

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction – April 2014

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