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– Jordan Williamsz talking about the pre-race planning (or lack thereof) ahead of being a rabbit for Samuel Tefera’s indoor 1500m world record run in Birmingham.

2019 Toyota USA Indoors Are This Weekend *Schedule/TV & Streaming Information *Entries

LRC 2019 USA Indoors Preview: Brazier, Murphy, & Wilson Chase Records In Mid-D Events; Houlihan Tries To Stretch USA Win Streak To Double Digits While no spots for Worlds are on the line his year, there are still some very interesting races at USA Indoors this year, particularly if the stars decide to go for a fast time. Can Donavan Brazier (600), Ajee Wilson (1k) and Craig Engels break American or even World records this weekend?

LRC Editorial A Total Joke: Several Top Pros Are Skipping USA Indoors to Run a 5K Time Trial in Boston Several of the country’s top distance runners will be running at the BU Last Chance Invite on Sunday instead of USAs. We explain why and dish out some blame for this ridiculous situation.

The Battle For Women’s Sports Has Begun

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LRC What’s It Like To Pace A World Record In The 1,500? Jordan Williamsz Tells Us The Aussie and former Villanova star tells us what its like to pace a world record, race in Europe, and travel the globe. And we even solve the mystery of the “z” at the end of his name.

LRC Samuel Tefera 1,500m Bizarre World Indoor Record Podcast: Guest Jordan Williamsz joins us for a first hand account of the WR + Lance Armstrong was one of 2 drug cheats at the Austin Marathon, a dog goes sub-4 in the mile, road 5k record, the Laura Muir shoe controversy, and USA Indoor Preview. We even have live commentary of Ingebrigtsen‘s win over Tefera in Germany and explain the mystery surrounding the “z” in Jordan Williamsz name.

Will The Mile WR Go Down Next Week? MB: Yomif Kejelcha Is Making A Mile World Record Attempt At BU On March 3 The race will follow the IC4A/ECAC meet. We assume they won’t be inviting Samuel Tefera to this one.

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Road / XC Results: Two WRs Go Down In Monaco

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This Weekend’s Meets – Full Results Some conferences are holding their meets while others are looking for NCAA qualifiers, particularly in the DMR.

Lananna Filing Grievance Against USATF Board

Times Of San Diego: Vin Lananna To File Grievance Over His Removal As USATF President Lanana was supposed to have a meeting with the USATF board last month, but when it was postponed he had no choice because USATF has a one year deadline to file a grievance. When Lananna asked interim USATF president Michael Conley to extend the deadline, he refused.

The Abu Dhabi Marathon Was Short – 42k Instead Of 42.195

LRC After Re-Measuring The Course, Here’s Definitive Proof That The 2018 Abu Dhabi Marathon Was Short Marathon experts Helmut Winter and Sean Hartnett have gone all the way to Abu Dhabi to remeasure the course and have found the 34th kilometer was between 195.8 and 199.6 meters too short. Our best theory is the locals wanted access to the local fish market so someone moved the cones up.
*MB: Vindication: 2 experts just remeasured the Abu Dhabi Marathon course and found it to be a little less than 200 meters short! Rojo is feeling good about himself after immediately questioning the validity of the marks.

Post Millrose Podcast

LRC Millrose Recap Podcast: Mile World Record Survives, European Guy Runs 59:13, Praise For NOP, Houlihan Not Running World Cross, Qualifying System For Worlds Needs To Change, Special Appearance By John Kellogg, Does The LRC Crew Need Sensitivity Training? We talk about all of the above, plus a pro’s family talking about posting on LRC at Millrose, and even go into the audio archive to have Kyle Merber and Robby Andrews read mean posts about them from the forums.

PSD Bank Meeting In Dusseldorf Was  Wednesday *Live Stream

LRC Jakob Ingebrigtsen Takes Down WR Holder Samuel Tefera To Win Battle Of Teenage Stars In Dusseldorf 1,500 The double European champion Jakob Ingebrigtsen upset the newly-minted WR holder Samuel Tefera, plus he took the scalp of his big brother, Filip Ingebrigtsen.
MB Jakob Ingebrigsten takes down WR holder Samuel Tefera (and his big brother) in battle of teenage stars in Dusseldorf 1,500 The 18-year old beat the 19-year old.

LRC Race Preview: WR Holder Samuel Tefera Vs. ALL THREE TWO Ingebrigtsens At 1,500 In Dusseldorf
*Update: Henrik Has Pulled Out As He Needs More Time To Get Ready For Euros

Say It Ain’t So

MB: Kenenisa Bekele Pulls Out Of Tokyo With A Stress Fracture Bekele now doesn’t have any race results to his name since May last year.

Road / XC Results: Two WRs Go Down In Monaco

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IAAF Insists It Accepts Caster Semenya’s “Legal Sex Without Question” Despite Report Lawyers Will Argue She Is “Biological Male” The the IAAF has clarified its position in a statement, saying that it “is not classifying any DSD [differences of sexual development] athlete as male.” They just want athletes like Semenya to lower their testosterone levels so they aren’t at male levels.
*BBC Article *Full IAAF Statement

$mart Or Foolish?

MB: Sammy Watson Turns Pro Watson accomplished it all as an amateur – winning a World Youth, World Junior and NCAA title but this is a risky sign for any shoe company as she was slower at 18 than 17 and just ran 2:06 in her first 800 as a 19-year-old.

Encouraging Kemoy Campbell News

LRC Great News: Kemoy Campbell Is “Breathing On His Own,” “Smiling” And “100% Coherent” But Has No Memory Of Collapse At Millrose Games Jonathan Gault brings you the latest on Kemoy Campbell after communicating with his former coach Mark Coogan*Discuss