2020 Olympic Marathon Trials 418 Days Away

LRC The Olympic Trials Course Is Here And Here’s What You Need To Know About It – With Elevation Chart It’s a loop course and we’ve got an unofficial elevation chart.

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LRC Reebok Ends Its Sponsorship Of ZAP Fitness After 14 Years ZAP and Reebok ended their partnership on good terms and nothing will change for ZAP as they already have secured a new sponsor. Reebok will now focus its resources on its Virginia-based Reebok Boston Track Club.
*MB: Reebok no longer sponsors Zap.

LRC Where Will The 2019 Prefontaine Classic Be Held? Stanford Most Likely Stanford officials are “currently discussing the possibility” of hosting the 2019 Pre Classic and Stanford already appears as the location on an officials’ calendar for the USATF Pacific Association.

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LRC  The Big Chat With Floyd Landis, Part 1: Is There Any Hope For Anti-Doping? Floyd Talks Doping Then, Now And What Can Be Done We sat down for an hour forty with Floyd Landis, one of the most notorious dopers in American sport, and the man who helped bring out the truth about Lance Armstrong. We’ve got the highlights, plus full audio and a transcript of our chat. Landis thinks it would be pretty easy to dope today and not confident in the anti-doping authorities and says he was busted for a drug he didn’t take at the 2006 Tour de France. If you just want full audio/transcript, click here.

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The December 31st Deadline For Russia To Hand Over The Moscow Lab Data Has Come & Gone – Will Russia Ever Get Their Sh- Act Together?

Congratulations Allyson Felix – Wishing Mom And Baby A Speedy Recovery

Recommended Read: After An Emergency C-Section 8 Weeks Before Her Due Date, Allyson Felix Is A Mom A routine checkup appointment turned into an emergency C-section to save both Felix and her daughter Camryn. Her daughter, born 3 pounds, 7 ounces, is still in the NICU, but doing well.
*MB: Allyson Felix is a Mom

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LRC The 2018 LetsRun.com Awards: Meet Our Athletes Of The Year, The Breakout Performers Of The Year, And A Whole Lot More 2018 was quite a year. We do our best to recap it all for you by handing out awards – everything from most improved to race of the year to travesty of the year. Does your favorite runner make the cut?
*MB: The 2018 LetsRun.com Awards are out. Did your favorite runner make the cut? 

LetsRun.com’s 2018 World And US Rankings Are Complete

LRC M Marathon: Eliud Kipchoge (Duh) & Galen Rupp Are World & US #1s The unparalleled Eliud Kipchoge tops the marathon rankings yet again.

LRC David Graham’s 2018 Marathon Rankings And Musings LRC visitor David Graham is back with his annual men’s marathon musings. This year, he comes in at a record 4,823 words.

LRC W Marathon: Vivian Cheruiyot & Des Linden End Year As World & US #1s 2018 was the best year in the history of the women’s marathoning. Coming into the year, only five women in history had ever broken 2:19 but six different women did it 2019.  Plus 11 times a woman broke 2:20 in 2018, the most in history.

Previous LRC’s 2018 Rankings: M3k/5k *W3k/5k *MSteeple *WSteeple *M1,500 *W1,500 *M800 *W800

Floyd Landis Big Talk Part II

LRC Floyd Landis On Life After Cycling, Runners Vs. Cyclists, CBD Products, Running A Business, And Donald Trump Landis shares some of the secrets he’s learned from his crazy life in part 2 of our recap of our talk with him. From a Mennonite upbringing, to crossing the line at the Tour first, to a doping suspension, denial, depression, and now fatherhood and a successful new business, Floyd has seen a lot.

Miss Part I? Part 1: Is There Any Hope For Anti-Doping? Floyd Talks Doping Then, Now And What Can Be Done Landis is one of the most notorious dopers in American sport, and the man who helped bring out the truth about Lance Armstrong. He’s got a lot of interesting things to say.