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– Famed marathon coach Renato Canova explaining why he was responding to a message board troll early Sunday morning. Canova’s habit of expending nervous energy on the forums paid off in a big way as his pupil, Norway’s Sondre Moen, shocked the world a few hours later with a European record of 2:05:48 to win Fukuoka and become the first non-African born runner to break 2:06:00 on a record-eligible course.

Canova has now gone back to the forums and given a detailed explanation as to how Moen has gone from having a 62:19 half marathon PR to a 2:05:48 marathon PR in the last year. Canova added that Moen surprised him today. “In training, I already saw the potentiality for running 2:06, but what surprised also myself today is the interpretation of the race, and the personality he showed, attacking after 30 km, with 29’16” between 30 and 40 km and the last 2.195m still faster (for an average of 2’55” per km in the last 12.195m) … I hope that this results, instead being considered connected with some doping, can bring people to think that the limits we put in our mind about the clean performances are not real, and depend not from the doping of the other athletes, but on the fact that NOBODY WANTS TO DO A CLEAR CHOICE OF LIFE DEDICATED AT THE ATHLETICS FOR A SHORT PART OF HIS LIFE, something Sondre did full time this year, with 223 days (till Fukuoka) in altitude, the most part alone, having focus in training, eating and resting only.”

MB: Official 2017 Fukuoka Marathon Discussion Thread *MB: SONDRE MOEN of Norway runs 2:05:48 (!!!)to win the 2017 Fukuoka Marathon. How did he do it?

2017 Fukuoka Marathon Was Incredible *Fukuoka Results

Screenshot 2017-12-03 at 00.40.37Wow!  LRC Norway’s Sondre Moen Makes History, Smashes European Record To Win Fukuoka In 2:05:48 Moen, who ran 59:48 during his buildup, became the first non-African born male to break 2:06 on a record-eligible course as he stunned the world and Bedan Karoki. 2012 Olympic champ Stephen Kiprotich grabbed second in 2:07:10 just ahead of the Suguro Osako, who set a new Nike Oregon Project record of 2:07:19.
*MB: Official 2017 Fukuoka Marathon Discussion Thread
MB: SONDRE MOEN of Norway runs 2:05:48 (!!!)to win the 2017 Fukuoka Marathon. How did he do it?
*Must Read: Renato Canova explains Moen’s amazing breakthrough: “Clean your minds, start to believe in yoursel[f], and go [all] in [on] hard CLEAN training if [you] are really interested in improving [your] performance” 

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Sara Hall of Redding, Calif., wins the 2017 USA Marathon Championships women's title at the California International Marathon in Sacramento, Calif., in 2:28:10 (photo by David Monti for Race Results Weekly)RRW Sara Hall and Tim Ritchie Win 2017 USA Marathon Titles At Cal Int’l Marathon Hall won in 2:28:10 just 5 weeks after running 2:27:21 in Berlin while Ritchie ran a new pb of 2:11:55.

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Kipchoge Vs. Farah At London 2018

Eliud Kipchoge Will Return To The London Marathon; Looking To Maintain His Unbeaten Record With A Third Title After winning in 2015 and 2016, Kipchoge skipped a year to chase the sub-2 hour marathon, but now he’s back and says, “I know that I have the world record in me so we will have to wait and see what happens.”
*Kipchoge Happy To Be Racing Mo Farah In London Kipchoge: “It’s great he will be racing because I’m sure that will make the atmosphere more special.”
*MB: Eliud Kipchoge is taking Mo Farah very seriously

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