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Results  Shure Tola (2:05:50) And Vivian Cheruiyot (2:23:35) Win As Dewi Griffiths (2:09:49 Debut) And Sara Hall (2:27:21 PR, 2:28:26 Previous) Are Top Non-Africans In 5th The NAZ Elite guys ran pretty well as Scott Smith ran a big 2:12:21 PR (2:14:40 previous), Scott Fauble 2:12:35 (debut), and Matt Llano 2:13:42 (2:12:28 PR).

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A “Dreams Become Reality” Running Story

Recommended Read:  Check Out This Excerpt From Brandon Hudgins’ Book On How He Battled Against Vasculitis To Achieve His Dream Of Competing At The Olympic Trials In this excerpt from his book, Going the Distance: The Journey of a Vasculitis Patient on the Road to Olympic Glory, Hudgins walks through his decision to quit his job to chase the standard for the 2016 OT. Hudgins has gotten a lot of love over the years on the boards and was the LRC quote of the day a couple of years ago when he first went sub-4.
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ARD: You’re Next, China

One Of The Best Weekends Of The Year – NCAA XC Conference Championship Weekend *Live Results & Schedule *TV & Streaming

MB: OFFICIAL 2017 NCAA Conference XC Champs Discussion Thread 

Stanford celebratesLRC 2017 NCAA Cross-Country Roundup: Interesting Stories And Stats From Friday’s Action What a crazy, fun, and exciting day. We try to cover it all – whether it was USC forfeiting at PAC-12s, #2 BYU perfect scoring #3 Portland, Colorado State winning title #1, Colorado losing title #1, Columbia going from last to first, Arkansas winning again, Lamar winning a nail-biter, Syracuse winning a laugher, or Alabama going 1-2-3 and losing.

16-11-18-ncaa-xc-2198LRC Super Fan Polls: New Mexico Edges Oregon On Tiebreaker To Be #1, NAU #1 On Men’s Side The LRC faithful have spoken and we’ve got their national and conference votes.



  • Big 10: Michigan Men Win Wisco went 1-2 but Kevin Sullivan‘s Wolverines are the champs.

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Is Drug Testing A Waste Of Money?

Ciarán Ó Lionáird Complains That Sport Ireland Has Continued To Drug Test Him After He’s Already Retired Ó Lionáird gives a bit of a rant about how he thinks drug testing is a waste of money that could go to athletes. “I proved I completed clean, but even if I didn’t, nothing about their behaviour suggested they would have been able to catch me if I was (doping). I still feel like you could micro-dose and get away with it, because people are.”
*Irish Examiner: Ó Lionáird Has Continued To Be Tested Because He Has Not Formally Issued A Retirement Notice To Sport Ireland

Week That Was

seidel-mayorLRC WTW: The Year Of The Women’s Half Marathon, A Premature Celebration, And An Introduction To Fancy Chemutai And Sondre Moen 2017 has been a revolutionary one for women in the half marathon. We look at that, Fancy Chemutai and Sondre Moen, and a premature celebration and runners going off course.

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