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rupp-salazarLRC Debate: The Big Debate: What Marathon Should Galen Rupp Run Next? Boston Or London? The LRC crew debates Galen Rupp‘s marathon career through 2021.

LRC Shalane Flanagan Reacts To Galen Rupp’s Chicago Marathon Win: “There’s still an investigation going on, so it’s hard to truly and genuinely get excited about the performances that I’m watching.” Two of America’s biggest marathon stars don’t know what to make of Galen Rupp‘s win in Chicago due to the ongoing USADA investigation. Meb Keflezighi said he was happy for Rupp and Salazar but added “there’s a lot of speculation going on and I would love to know what’s going on and how far it’s gotten.”
*MB: Breaking: Shalane and Meb react to Galen Rupp’s Chicago Win

Galen Rupp wins the 2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon in a personal best 2:09:20 (photo by Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly)LRC Editorial Galen Rupp – The Perfect Marathon Champion For America In The Year 2017 As we try to process what Galen Rupp‘s historic victory means, the number one word that comes to mind is this – polarizing. Just as our country is currently totally polarized by the holder of the Oval Office, Rupp’s victory is polarizing within the US running community.

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2017 TCS New York City Marathon Is Fast Approaching

Shalane Flanagan and Meb Keflezighi at the pre-race press conference in Los Angeles for the 2016 USA Olympic Team Trials Marathon last February (photo by Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly) LRC  Shalane Flanagan Says Her Training For 2017 TCS New York City Marathon Has Gone “Exceptionally Well” The 36-year-old is still dreaming big. “I think there was a point probably of some overtraining over the last couple years [and] not really identifying it.”

RRW Meb Keflezighi’s Final Marathon Is In 26 Days And He Wants To Be A Factor In New York – “I want my last one to be a good one.” Meb isn’t just going through the motions for his last race. “I’m healthy, which is a big battle; I hope to be very competitive. I’m here up in Mammoth Lakes, away from my wife and kids for five weeks.”

After Dropping Out In Berlin, Wilson Kipsang Is Added To NYC Field

Doping News: Is Microchipping Athletes The Next Big Thing?

2017 BOA Chicago Marathon *Tracking, Results

Rupp-winsLRC Final American Galen Rupp Wins 2017 Chicago Marathon – 1st American-Born Winner In 35 Years The Cubs ended a 108-year losing streak last year. Rupp has broken a 35-year losing streak with 5 straight sub-4:40 miles.

lequipe-salazarLRC Alberto Salazar Addresses Leaked USADA Interim Report That Said It Was “Highly Likely” His Group Broke Anti-Doping Rules: “I Know That We Haven’t Broken Any Rules” Salazar didn’t answer why a leaked interim USADA report said it was “highly likely” his group had broken anti-doping rules. “You know what? I’m not gonna get into that. You would have to ask them what it is that they saw that they think that.” Plus commentary from Nick Willis and Stephanie Bruce.

Dibaba winsLRC Final Tirunesh Dibaba Wins The First Marathon Of Her Career In Chicago In 2:18:31 As Jordan Hasay Runs The #2 Time In US History (2:20:57) Dibaba did what we expected her to do – run fast and win – while Jordan Hasay was amazing yet again.

  • MB: Centro runs Chicago? Centro’s “marathon debut” ended with a DNF after 25K, having gone through the half in 1:18:36 (6-minute pace).

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LetsRun Investigation Pays Off – US 10 Mile Champs Gave Women Only 6:10 – Not 6:18 – Head Start

MB: LetsRun does it again!! US 10 Miler admits mistake we uncovered – Gives Sara Hall $10,000 Sara Hall is pleased and thanks for our “detective work.”

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Kenenisa Bekele Responds To Jos Hermens

Kenenisa Bekele at 2017 BMW Berlin MarathonLRC Kenenisa Bekele “Dismayed” By Jos Hermens’ Comments About His Professionalism After Berlin Marathon, Vows To Break World Record Bekele is confident that the best is yet to come for him at the 26.2-mile distance. “I definitely will break it before my retirement. For all the skeptics, I will show them with my hard work,” Bekele said, waving his hands with confidence. “I want to seize my future. And I don’t want anyone to get into my way of proving myself.”

Previous:  LRC Jos Hermens: Kenenisa Bekele Must Become More “Professional” If He Is To Realize Marathon Potential

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LRCWTW: Phoebe Wright Gets Married, Suddenly Becoming World Class At 31, And Something Doesn't Add Up At US 10-Mile Champs?

Thanks to Phoebe Wright we've got a new activity for runners at their weddings, plus a look at the NCAA XC picture, and a possible mix-up at the 10 miler dominated by Scott Simmons WCAP athletes.

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