Wise Advice For All Aspiring Young Female Runners

“I have so many things I want to tell you, but I’m going to start with the most urgent. Because of all the ways I’ve seen athletic stories unfold over the years, this is the No. 1 destroyer of dreams.

You’re a young woman, but the sound of the word ‘woman’ makes you cringe. Well-meaning coaches and parents and aunties and grannies and inappropriate uncles comment on the changing bodies of girls – not yours yet but those around you. It’s coming. You know it’s coming.

You notice what happens sometimes to female athletes. She hits puberty; her times get slower or plateau. She is confused; she is working harder than ever. Clueless adults who are overly invested in her ‘performance’ will grieve, as if her worth is based solely on PRs. This makes you scared of growing up.

Seeing girls go through this is confusing because there is a story once told to you about running: ‘You get out what you put in.’ You’ve heard there is a direct line between effort and improvement, between wanting it more and winning. This is a ‘truth’ written by men, based on the experience of boys and men. Your male teammates are bathing in testosterone, a dramatic performance enhancer. You will not. You are about to bathe in different hormones, hormones that, more often than not, temporarily interrupt that promised straight line of improvement. What you need are knowledgeable coaches and parents who know how to support you during this time, to let you know it is normal, to celebrate you through development, who can zoom out on the big picture, because it is at this time that many girls give up.

You’ll see girls react to a changing body in three ways: give up, ride it out, or fight against it. With 100 percent confidence, I can tell you the best choice is to ride it out. The best is yet to come.”

– Opening lines of a letter Lauren Fleshman has written to her high school self entitled “Dear Younger Me: Lauren Fleshman” that was published on milesplit.

Doping Updates

albertogalenLRC  6 Takeways on Full USADA Report on Alberto Salazar, NOP: USADA: “It Appears Highly Likely” That 6 NOP Athletes Including Galen Rupp and Dathan Ritzenhein Violated Anti-Doping Rules We give you the nitty gritty on the 269 page USADA interim report on Alberto Salazar, Dr Brown, and the Nike Oregon Project, hacked by Fancy Bears and released in its entirety on Flotrack.


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Ultra News: Running Goes To Everest

Kenyans On The Roads

2017 Oxy USATF Distance Classic *Results

Centro, O'Hare, and Farah battling on final turnLRC Matthew Centrowitz Takes Down Mo Farah, Brenda Martinez Impresses – 2017 Oxy USATF Distance Classic Recap The Olympic 1,500m champ took down the Olympic 5,000m champ. Other highlights: Sheila Reid upset Shannon Rowbury in the 1,500m, Laura Weightman and Natosha Rogers had breakthroughs in the 5k, Eric Jenkins and Cristian Soratos battled in the second 1,500m heat, Olympian Hillary Bor looked great in the steeple, and his Olympic teammate Shadrack Kipchirchir came up short of the Worlds qualifying time.
*Alberto Salazar Thought Centro Would Run 3:36, Not 3:33, As He’s Been Dealing With “Abductor Muscle Strains” Salazar declined to comment on the NY Times doping story.

Oxy ON The Boards: Official 2017 Oxy Live Discussion Thread
*What’s up with Centrowitz?
*Can Centro Challenge The Men’s 1500M WR?

*The Oregonian‘s Ken Goe Won’t Be Shelling Out 70 Bucks For NBC Sports Gold Track And Field Past Goe writes, “I find this to be disastrous to any hope elite track and field will grow its audience.”

Three Recommended Reads

LetsRun Forum Reader And Ultrarunning Star Anton Krupicka Contemplates If It Is Better To Be Popular Or Good Krupicka, aka LRC forum reader and “Jesus-man,” used to win big trail runs with regularity, now he is injured but more popular than ever.

NCAA Mile Champ Karissa Nelson Sometimes Only Ran 4 Times A Week As A Freshman As She Wanted To Be Social Even up through sophomore year, she wasn’t sure she wanted to be elite.
*MB: NCAA mile champ Karisa Nelson sometimes only ran 4 days a week freshman year as she wanted to be social

Deshae Wise, The Fastest HS Girl In Oregon, Spent The First Six Years Of Her Life As A Hostage As Her Mom Was Sexually Trafficked In Vegas She’s a star now and will be going to Berkeley next year.

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Doping Updates

A Friendly Debate – A Noted Sub-2 Optimist And Pessimist Share Their Thoughts On What Eliud Kipchoge’s 2:00:25 Means

IMG_7729LRC Was Eliud Kipchoge’s 2:00:25 A Monumental Step Forward In Marathoning? No, It Was Not – We Still Are 20+ Years Away From A Legitimate Sub-2 Marathon LetsRun.com co-founder Robert Johnson said four years ago that are nowhere close to a sub-2 in a legitimate race and he’s not backing down.

Pace carLRC Guest Column By Dr. Michael Joyner: Kipchoge’s Run & What Might (Or Might Not) Happen Next What does the man who famously predicted way back in 1991 that a human could run a marathon in 1:57:58 think of Eliud Kipchoge’s 2:00:25 run? Find out here.

MB: Dr. Michael Joyner and LetsRun’s Robert Johnson share their thoughts on what Eliud Kipchoge’s 2:00:25 means.

Sprint Stuff

Depression Is Real – Please Be Strong & Seek Help If You Are Struggling (800-273-8255)

Gabe Proctor at 2016 Houston Half Marathon

RIP Two-Time NCAA D2 Champ Gabe Proctor Has Died Proctor lost his battle with depression and took his own life at the age of 27.

Is King Ches The GOAT? / Is Steeple Hurdle Technique Overrated?

Cheserek has 5 NCAA 5k titles (3 indoor, 2 outdoor) and a PR of 13:18LRC Is Edward Cheserek The GOAT Of NCAA Distance Running? Why The Answer Isn’t That Simple King Ches certainly had an amazing career but Gerry Lindgren only lost once at NCAA championships, Henry Rono set a world record in four different events in one season, and Suleiman Nyambui won just as many NCAA individual titles but also secured an Olympic medal and had better PRs at the 1,500, mile, 5,000 and 10,000.
*MB: Is Edward Cheserek the GOAT for NCAA distance runners? 

2015 World Outdoor Championships Beijing, China August 22-30, 2015 Photo: Victah Sailer@PhotoRun Victah1111@aol.com 631-291-3409 www.photorun.NETLRC How Much Do The World’s Top Steeplechasers Practice Hurdle Form? For 2008 Olympic Champ Brimin Kipruto, The Answer Is “Never” Everyone prepares for the steeplechase in their own way, from the Olympic champion who claims he never practices hurdling to Evan Jager, who works on his hurdle form every week. LetsRun.com consulted the experts to explore the differences between the top Kenyan and American steeplers and the importance of hurdle form.
*MB: How important is hurdling form to being great at the steeplechase? We asked the experts.
*MB: Kiprop runs steeple 1 week before pre classic

Upcoming DL Action: Pre Classic Is Saturday *Provisional Entry Lists

The King Has Abdicated His Throne

Cheserek has 5 NCAA 5k titles (3 indoor, 2 outdoor) and a PR of 13:18

MB: Edward Cheserek’s NCAA Career Comes To A Close – King Ches Scratches From NCAAs Due To Back Strain King Ches certainly had an amazing career but Gerry Lindgren only lost once at NCAA championships, Henry Rono set a world record in four different events in one season, and Suleiman Nyambui won just as many NCAA individual titles but also secured an Olympic medal and had better PRs at the 1,500, mile, 5,000 and 10,000.

British 10K Trials In The Books *Results

Triathlete Beth Potter And Andy Vernon Triumph At British 10,000 Trials At Highgate Night Of The 10,000m PBs Potter, a triathlete who only runs 50 miles a week, took the win in 32:04 with a comfortable lead over Steph Twell while Jo Pavey finished back in 4th (32:42). Vernon won in 28:21 to beat Dewi Griffiths by 10 seconds.

*BBC: 43-Year-Old Jo Pavey Misses Out, But Not Giving Up As She Can Still Be Selected For The 3rd Spot If She Drops A Fast Time Pavey had a tough comeback with some health issues after DNFing at the London Marathon.
*IAAF Recap
*MB: Official Night of 10k PBs Live Discussion Thread

Doping News

It Was A Great Night For The NOP On The Track But A Horrible Morning Off The Track

salazar-nytimes-nopNY Times Publishes 2,400-Word Expose On The Nike Oregon Project: “This Doesn’t Sound Legal” – Ritz Testifies Under Oath The Times has secured access to the 269-page report that the USADA has written about the NOP. Dathan Ritzenhein testified under oath that he felt compelled to take an L-Carnitine injection that he thought didn’t “sound legal” as Nike was reducing his payments. Ritz also said Alberto Salazar had him take thyroid medication to rev up his endocrine system for a race “instead just whatever was best for my health.” The report also indicates Tara Welling lied to investigators about ever being a patient of Dr. Brown and that Dr. Brown sent investigators altered medical records. When pressed about what sort of treatment she received from Dr. Brown, Welling cried and said, “I don’t know if Alberto did something to me.”
*MB: NY Times Article on Nike Oregon Project implicates Ritz and Farah
*Ken Goe’s Quick Takes From The Latest Story Alleging Doping Within Alberto Salazar’s NOP

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1956 Olympic 10,000 Bronze Medalist And Houston Coaching Legend Al Lawrence Has Died
*MB: RIP Al Lawrence — 1956 Bronze Medalist 

Toni Reavis Remembers The Great Grete Waitz 6 Years After Her Passing

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 From The IAAF 

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NCAA Studs

Screenshot 2017-05-15 at 14.00.03LRC Top 10 Greatest Performers From NCAA Conference Weekend: Christian Coleman, Fred Kerley, Deajah Stevens, Grant Fisher, Dani Jones And More Shine Just another ho-hum NCAA weekend with a 9.97/19.98 double, 44.09 in the 400m, 11.05/22.09 double, 51.8-second lap in a 1,500m. Plus there was some great distance action. From Grant Fisher‘s domination of the PAC-12 1,500 to the arrival of Texas A&M’s true freshman Devin Dixon as an NCAA star (1:45 win at SECs), we’ve got the top performances from last week covered.

 Fast Monday 1,500 At Swarthmore 

MB: Johnny Gregorek Wins Swarthmore 1,500 In 3:36.61 Over Jordy Willamsz (3:36.87) Robby Andrews was 6th (3:38.42) but how about the Ivy League with 3 guys under 3:40, led by Yale’s James Randon at 3:37.93. *Video *Full Meet Results

IAAF Publishes Qualifying Standards For 2018 World Indoors The standards didn’t change by much from 2016 World Indoors except the women’s 3,000, which got significantly faster from 9:00 indoors/8:36 outdoors to 8:50 indoors and 8:28 outdoors.

PA Sports Writer Bashes High School Track And Field; Gets Ripped Apart By Track Community, Including Ato Boldon In reaction to the writer calling track “as intense and high pressure as frisbee golf,” Ato Boldon wrote in the comments section, “Mike Gross, kindly return whatever sum you were paid to write this.”

NCAA Regionals Start Thursday *Live Results: *East *West

Women’s Distance News

More Weekend Track Action

2017 TrackTown Summer Series Draft Is Complete

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kim-conleyLRC Kim Conley’s Race Day Routine: Conley Shares Her Race Day Routine On The Newly-Formed LRC Instagram Account From breakfast at Whole Foods to some afternoon book time (Racing the Rain), Kim shares the secrets that have made her a two-time Olympian for New Balance. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

 Non-Oxy Mid-Week Results 

Pre Is Next Week Men’s 5,000 At Pre Is Going To Be Le LOADED More than half the field has a global medal. It includes Farah, Geoffrey Kamworor, Conseslus Kipruto, Yomif KejelchaPaul Tanui, and Americans Paul Chelimo, Ryan Hill, Ben True and Eric Jenkins.

Women’s 200 Will Also Be Loaded Field includes Elaine Thompson, Dafne Schippers, Allyson Felix, Shaunae Miller-Uibo and Tori Bowie.

Weekly Recap

Finn was an All-American two years ago as a freshmanLRC WTW: Molly Seidel And Erin Finn Are Both MIA, Devin Dixon Arrives, Mark Wetmore Produces An 800 Champ, And A Simple Rule Change Guaranteed To Make Track & Field More Popular This week we tell the NCAA of simple rule change that needs to be made immediately, take a look at the Colorado men’s first 800 champ in 28 years, and more.

TrackTown Summer Series Draft 2.0 Is Friday *Watch It Live At 7pm ET

LRC Watch The TrackTown Summer Series Draft Live On LetsRun.com At 7 PM ET On Friday

Symmonds_NickFV1-USAout15LRC “GM” Nick Symmonds, Hoping To Make USAs One Final Time, Is In 1:50 Shape Right Now, Ready For Friday’s Tracktown Summer Series Draft This is Symmonds’ final season on the track and he’s hoping to qualify for USAs and see what happens. Meanwhile, as GM of team San Francisco, he’s getting ready for Friday’s Tracktown Summer Series draft, and also getting ready for life after being a pro track runner.

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