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Chris Derrick rocking it 2014 USA XCWTW Galen Rupp Bombs, Ben True Shines, Meet America’s 13-Year-Old Phenom, The Return of Chris Derrick and Much More Thanksgiving may be a holiday for most Americans but a ton of US pros decided to go to work and race last week. We break it down and give you the scoop on Mary Cain‘s knee injury.

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Election Season Isn’t Over Yet

PoleVaultPower’s Becca Peter Interviews USATF Presidential Candidates Jackie Joyner-Kersee And Vin Lananna Read how each candidates responses differed to a series of questions about their views on a variety of issues impacting the sport.

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D3 Runner Gets Mauled

deerLRC Video: Deer Collision Sends NCAA D-III Runner Flying During Cross-Country Race If you think a cramp is the worst thing to fear in a race, you’ve never had anyone yell, “Watch out for the deer!”

Could We See A Garrett Heath – Mo Farah Rematch? Farah Wants To Run Great Edinburgh XC On January 7th Farah: “I placed second in this race last year and hope to go one better in 2017.”

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Usain Bolt Premiere Night In The Books

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Sports Politics: New USATF President Next Week

An Inside Look At What Going Pro Out Of HS Is Really Like

Efraimson_AlexaQ-USAout14LRC New $50,000 BMW Or A $70,000 Lexus? What It’s Like To Go Pro In Track & Field As A Teenager In recent years, Ajee WilsonMary CainAlexa EfraimsonDrew HunterKaylin WhitneyCandace HillVashti Cunningham and the Lyles Brothers have all gone pro early. We take a look at that it entails.

Saturday Action

MB: Chris Derrick runs 27:38.69 in Japan, race is dominated by 3:28 man Ronald Kwemoi in 27:33! November is full of intrigue in Japan. Race video available.
*Japan Running News Recap

Drug News: New Fancy Bears Release

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